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Texas law requires every person seeking educator certification to perform satisfactorily on comprehensive examinations. These examinations ensure that each educator has the necessary content and professional knowledge to perform satisfactorily in Texas public schools. Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) were developed for this purpose.

Steps to Undergraduate Certification



Practice Exam Schedule

Register on Banner ASAP to take a practice test and view your scores. You may only take one (1) test per test session unless you want to take the PPR and BES or ESL tests together. You should complete the review session before you attempt the practice test. All practice tests are available on each test date. You must show a photo ID to be admitted to testing. Arrive thirty minutes prior to the start time. You will not be admitted to a Practice Test after the start of the exam.


Practice Test Dates:




August 21, 2021 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. MB 0.106
September 18, 2021 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. MB 0.106
October 30, 2021 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. MB 0.106

Latest COVID-19 Policies for the UTSA Testing Services


  • If you want to take just a portion of the Core Subjects test because you have already passed other portions, email Dr. Michael Vriesenga at michael.vriesenga@utsa.edu, four days before the test so he can arrange accommodations for you with the testing center.
  • It is in your best interest to pass your TExES exams before you begin student teaching.
  • Check the testing vendor website for test schedules and registration access at  www.nesinc.com and the TExES Preparation Resources the vendor provides for all state exams.
  • Review the Content and PPR Preparation Manuals before you take the practice or real TExES exams. 


Bilingual Students

Candidates pursuing bilingual certification will complete the modules and practice Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT) in CertifyTeacher. Bilingual candidates must score an 80% or higher before they can be approved to take the TExES BTLPT. Please contact Dr. Michael Vriesenga at michael.vriesenga@utsa.edu for access to CertifyTeacher.


Educator Preparation Program Assessment Coordinator

Michael Vriesenga | (210) 458-5797 | Office MB 3.490

TEA | www.tea.texas.gov


Practice Exam Registration

  • The Practice Exams listed below are required for state exam eligibility.
  • As new Practice Exams become available from UTSA, they will be added to the required list.
  • All Practice Exams are available for each Practice test session.
  • Students may register for one Practice Exam per test session.
  • If a Practice Exam is not listed below, then it is not required for state exam eligibility.
  • EC-6 Core Subjects/Bilingual students are required to take the EC-6 Core Subjects and Bilingual Supplemental Practice tests.
  • Students can take the Bilingual Supplemental Practice test during the same session they have registered for the PPR Practice test if the following conditions exist

               - completion of the PPR Practice Test

               - at least 45-minutes remain in the Practice Test session

Students will only be able to register for one exam per Practice Test session.


Required UTSA Practice Exams

  • Bilingual Supplemental
  • English as a Second Language Supplemental
  • EC-6 Core Subjects
  • EC-12 Music
  • EC-12 PPR
  • EC-12 Physical Education
  • EC-12 Special Education
  • 4-8 Core Subjects
  • 4-8 ELAR/Social Studies
  • 4-8 Math/Science
  • 7-12 English Language Arts & Reading
  • 7-12 History
  • 7-12 Mathematics
  • 7-12 Science
  • 7-12 Social Studies
  • 8-12 Life Science
  • 8-12 Physical Science
  • School Counselor
  • Superintendent


Practice Exam Registration

Registration for the practice exam closes 24 hours before the exam. Register early. Banner ASAP shows only one practice test date at a time. The next test date will be posted after the prior exam date has expired and the scores have been posted. If you want to take only a portion of the Core Subjects EC-6 or Core Subjects 4-8 test, send an email to Michael Vriesenga not later than the Wednesday before the test.


ASAP Online Practice Exam Registration

Download Instructions

Step 1: Go to the UTSA homepage ( http://www.utsa.edu/) then log on to the myUTSA ASAP

Step 2: Click on "Student Service"

Step 3: Click on "TExES Practice Exams Registration"

Step 4: Click on "Register for Test Session:

Step 5: Click on "Practice TExES"

Step 6: Click on "Select Test: to choose test from drop down window

Step 7: Click on the radio button to the far right, then click on "Submit" button

Practice Exam scores will be available on Banner ASAP two business days after the exam is given. Scores are reported in percentiles with 80% overall considered passing.

Students must earn a 70 or higher on the Practice Exams to be approved for the real exam. Core Subjects students must earn a 70 or above on each subtest to be approved for the real test. If you score 70 or higher on a practice test, you do not have to take it again. Contact Carisa Kohutek four days prior to the next practice test to coordinate taking only a portion of the Core Subjects test.

Practice Exam Scores

  • Students can access their TExES Practice Exam Scores by going to Banner ASAP.
  • Scores are usually available one or two business days after the exam has been administered.
  • Practice Exam Scores are reported in percentiles, with an overall score of 80% considered as passing.  You must score 70% or higher to be approved for the real TExES exam.
  • The State Exam Scores are reported as scaled scores, with an overall score of 240/300 as passing.
  • In order to identify the Domains and Competencies of a given exam, go to the vendor website at https://www.tx.nesinc.com/PageView.aspx?f=HTML_FRAG/GENRB_PrepManuals.html and look for the appropriate TExES Preparation Manual. Use the data from your practice test and the competency statements in the preparation manual to guide your ongoing preparation for the real exam.
  • Practice exams are used to provide students with the format of the state exam and the type of questions that will be on the exam.


Accessing Practice TExES Exam Scores from ASAP

Login to ASAP and click on "Student Services and Financial Aid"
Click on "Student Records"
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on "Display TExES Test Scores" and print your scores

TExES Eligibility Forms

You must meet the Eligibility Guidelines before UTSA will grant test approval.

TExES Eligibility Form – Initial Attempt

Students seeking approval for their Initial Testing must FIRST complete a Diagnostic Test, and THEN complete a review session or module, AND earn a passing score of 70% correct on a practice test in order to be eligible for UTSA Approval.

TExES Eligibility Form – Retake

Students with failed testing attempts MUST complete the requirements outlined in the UTSA COEHD Test Approval and Remediation Policy.

Certification candidates must submit an Eligibility Form each time they seek approval to test for a state exam.

Important TExES Exam Information

Students registered with Disability Services who need accommodation for a Practice TExES exam must contact Disability Services at least one week prior to the test date.  All requests for accommodation must be reviewed and approved by Disability Services.

Be sure to read and understand the Remediation Policy for students retaking a state exam: 

TExES Remediation Policy 


Creating a TEAL account or updating your TEAL Profile in the TEA system:

TExES Retake Policy and Procedures


TExEs Retake Procedures

If you fail a TExES exam, you must wait 30 days before you can take the test again. You must get UTSA approval to retake the test. (Effective June 2020)

The UTSA COEHD Test Approval and Remediation Policy describes the process and requirements of retake attempts on TExES tests. A reflective essay includes an analysis of the candidate’s score report, identification of competencies where the candidate needs additional study, and identification of needed resources to address those competencies. An action plan is the candidate’s plan for mastering the knowledge, skills, and attitudes identified in the reflective essay. It should include resources, a schedule/timeline, and benchmarks/standards for measuring progress. The candidate should develop a reflective essay and action plan in conjunction with the faculty mentor/chair. A learning log should be used to document the number of completed hours of remediation. The Fitness to Teach Council meets as needed approximately every six weeks.

BTLPT Retake Procedures

In order to attempt TExES BTLPT for a second time, please complete the Certify Teacher BTLPT review test and submit the following to Maya Guirao (amalia.guirao@utsa.edu):

  1. Screenshot of multiple-choice section scores
  2. Your audio recordings for Oral Expression tasks
  3. Your screenshots/Word documents of Written Expression tasks

Note: Passing score for all sections is set at 80%. If not reached, you will be provided one-on-one or small group tutoring. Tutoring will target areas in need of development to help you reach a passing score. Tutoring will include purchasing a $10 BTLPT Interactive Test for further practice and to determine passing score has been reached.

Five Times Rule for Taking State Exams

Candidates may only take the same TExES exam for a total of five times. The five attempts include the first attempt to pass the exam and four retakes. You must follow TEA procedures to obtain a waiver to take the test more than five times. This is difficult, lengthy and expensive.

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Director for Assessment and Program Accountability
Dr. Michael Vriesenga
Office MB 3.490

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