Professional Preparation and Partnerships


Welcome to the Office of Professional Preparation and Partnerships in The College of Education and Human Development (COEHD). The COEHD is committed to preparing culturally efficacious educators and professionals, who are knowledgeable, community-based, and professional. We invite you to review the COEHD’s Culturally Efficacious Agents of Change Conceptual Framework, which demonstrates our pledge to diversity, as well as educational and social justice. 

Office of Professional Preparation and Partnerships Goals: To ensure student success and provide oversight of our accredited programs. These two goals are aligned with UTSA’s Bold Destination One of becoming a Model for Student Success with the COEHD’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

About Professional Preparation and Partnerships

At UTSA, we are committed to our school district partners throughout the San Antonio area. Our teacher candidates have the opportunity to develop their skills, gain experience, and even make mistakes while learning from experienced professionals.  Our teacher candidates develop networks and are exposed to potential employers so that when they enter the classroom, they are ready from the first day.  Our highly recruited teacher candidates are employed in school districts across the State of Texas and beyond. 

The Texas Education Agency reports that our five-year teacher retention rate is above the state average; our teacher candidates are well-prepared to work with diverse students, including English Learners and special populations; and are prepared to integrate technology into their practices.

Our Certification Center sees each student as an individual with a unique set of goals. Our mission is to help the student realize his/her goals in a timely manner by providing accurate information and the necessary support to fulfill UTSA degree requirements and State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) teacher certification requirements. Students are encouraged to initiate and maintain contact with an academic advisor in the Education Center in order to stay informed of certification and graduation requirements.

Educator Preparation Certification and Licensure Programs Offered

Educator Certification
- Undergraduate (60+ Hours) (initial)
- Bilingual & ESL specialists

Accelerated Certification (Post-Bac)
- Completed Baccalaureate in another field (computer science, Math, English, etc.)
- Secondary (7-12 Grade) (computer science, Math, English Language Arts, etc.
- All level (Art, Music, PE, special Ed.)

Graduate & Professional
- Master's Degree with Teacher Certification
- School Counselor, Reading Specialist, Principal, Superintendent
- Master's degree + Bilingual and ESL Generalists

Advanced Professional
- Certification & Licensure
- Behavior Analyst, Professional Counselor, School Psychologist, Dietetics   


The  OPPP ensures that our students and graduates have the appropriate preparation and field practice experiences for attaining their respective certification and/or licensure as well as that our graduates achieve their career/employment goals. Developing and sustaining educational partnerships with school districts, community and business entities, clinics, hospitals, and others are key in supporting the preparation of our students. 


In addition to UTSA’s Southern Association Accreditation of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the COEHD is proud to have several national and/or state-accredited programs that demonstrate that we are meeting, or exceeding standards required for certification and/or licensure. In selecting your program of study leading to certification and/or licensure, we want you to feel confident that you will meet the required standards. Figure 1 provides an overview of the various accreditations (or verified sequences) that are offered in COEHD:

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