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Additional information and Training Opportunities for Site Supervisors

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Additional information and Training Opportunities

for Site Supervisors

The Department of Counseling at UTSA has created an online asynchronous training opportunity available for all clinical site supervisors. 

This training opportunity reviews the following subjects: (a) practicum and internship requirements and course expectations for both clinical mental health counselors and school counselors completing their program at UTSA, (b) gatekeeping, HIPAA & FERPA guidelines related to clinical supervision, and (c) best practices for supervision, including digital supervision. This training opportunity provides 2.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after watching the training videos and completing a short survey.


Practicum and Internship Requirements and Course Expectations

with Dr. Catherine Somody

Dr. Catherine Somody, Associate Professor of Practice, Program Coordinator, and Graduate Advisor of Record for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, discussed the practicum and internship requirements for students and supervisors. She also provides an overview of class expectations such as transcript and case conceptualization requirements. 

Learning Objective

  • Participants will learn the requirements for site supervisor qualifications, experience, and responsibilities. 
  • Participants will understand the expectations for student interns regarding required direct and indirect hours, preferred types of experiences, and student responsibilities.   
  • Participants will become familiar with practicum and internship course requirements and how supervisors can support student learning. 

Watch Training Video:

SCOU Site Supervisor Training

with Dr. Brenda Jones and Kristina Talamantez

Dr. Brenda Jones, Assistant Clinical Professor, Program Coordinator, and Graduate Advisor of Record for the School Counseling Program, and Kristina Talamantez, Senior Student Development Specialist, discussed the practicum and internship requirements for school counseling students.

Learning Objective

  • To update site supervisors of the UTSA school counseling program of study and the benefits to student interns.  
  • To update the site supervisor on the Texas Education Agency’s requirements for school counseling certification.  
  • To discuss the roles, responsibilities, and challenges of the school counseling site supervisor  
  • To discuss the rules and responsibilities of the school counseling internship students 
  • To inform site supervisors of the student interns’ requirements to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC)  

 Watch Training Video:


Gatekeeping, HIPAA, & FERPA for Clinical Supervisors

with Dr. Gerald Juhnke

Dr. Gerald Juhnke, Professor of Counseling and Chair of the Clinical Experience Committee, discusses gatekeeping, HIPAA, and FERPA guidelines related to clinical supervision.

Learning Objective

By the conclusion of the training… 
  1. Participants will know the purpose of gatekeeping. 
  2. Participants will know what gatekeeping is. 
  3. Participants will know what HIPAA is. 
  4. Participants will know the purpose of HIPAA 

Watch Training Video:

Best Practices for Supervision, including Digital Supervision

with Dr. Claudia Interiano-Shiverdecker and Dr. John Harrichand

Dr. Claudia Interiano-Shiverdecker and Dr. John Harrichand, Assistant Professors and committee members of the Clinical Experience Committee discuss best practices for supervision. Taking into consideration today’s digital presence in counseling, the presenters also discuss best practices in supervision for digital supervision.

Learning Objective

  • Participants will gain knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of supervisees.  
  • Participants will gain knowledge of the responsibilities of supervisors and best practices for clinical supervision.   
  • Participants will gain knowledge of different forms of supervision methods for use with supervisees. 
  • Participants will understand best practices for using online platforms in supervision. 

Watch Training Video:


Survey Feedback

Site supervisors must complete the survey provided on their experience with the UTSA Counseling department.

Your feedback is very important! It will assist the UTSA Counseling Department to improve our academic and clinical training programs. All responses will be aggregated and anonymously presented. No IP addresses will be tracked. The survey should take 8-10 minutes to complete.

Complete Required Survey


After watching the required CEU videos, completing the short survey, and certifying your participation in this online training, please email to receive your certificate of completion.


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