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If you completed an educator certification program at UTSA in the 2019-2020 academic year, then you may be eligible to obtain a probationary certificate for the 2020-2021 school year without passing your certification tests. Read the Texas Education Agency’s Guidance on Educator Certification and Preparation. If you think you are qualified, contact the Certification Officer at teacheradvising@utsa.edu or 210-458-6287.

At UTSA, we are committed to our school district partners throughout the San Antonio area. Our teacher candidates have the opportunity to develop their skills, gain experience, and even make mistakes while learning from experienced professionals.  Our teacher candidates develop networks and are exposed to potential employers so that when they enter the classroom, they are ready from the first day.  Our highly recruited teacher candidates are employed in school districts across the State of Texas and beyond.

The Texas Education Agency reports that our five-year teacher retention rate is above the state average; our teacher candidates are well-prepared to work with diverse students, including English Learners and special populations; and are prepared to integrate technology into their practices.  Check out our  current student placement map (Interactive).

Our Certification Center sees each student as an individual with a unique set of goals. Our mission is to help the student realize his/her goals in a timely manner by providing accurate information and the necessary support to fulfill UTSA degree requirements and State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) teacher certification requirements. Students are encouraged to initiate and maintain contact with an academic advisor in the COEHD Advising and Certification Center in order to stay informed of certification and graduation requirements.

Clinical Teaching Schools - SPR 18

Types of Certification Programs offered:

Educator Certification
Undergraduate (60+ Hours) (initial)
- Bilingual & ESL specialists

Accelerated Certification (Post-Bac)
- Completed Baccalaureate in another field (computer science, Math, English, etc.)
- Secondary (7-12 Grade) (computer science, Math, English Language Arts, etc.
- All level (Art, Music, PE, special Ed.)

Graduate & Professional
- Master's Degree with Teacher Certification
- School Counselor, Reading Specialist, Principal, Superintendent
- Master's degree + Bilingual and ESL Generalists

Advanced Professional
- Certification & Licensure
- Behavior Analyst, Professional Counselor, School Psychologist, Dietetics

Teacher and Education Professional Certification Programs

Accelerated Certification Programs (formerly Post-Bac)

ACP is for students who have earned a Bachelor's degree or higher, and would like to be certified to teach at the elementary or secondary levels. To learn more about these programs please attend one of the information seminars,  click here.

NON-UTSA Students - who wish to receive advisement on our accelerated certification programs can sign up for one of our group information seminars. Non- UTSA Accelerated Certification students can request a transcript evaluation after attending an informational seminar. The fee for a transcript evaluation or a certification plan is $55.00.

Graduate Certification Programs

Graduate Certification programs are available to students interested in obtaining master's level certifications for School Counselor, Reading Specialist, Master Reading Teacher, Principal, and Superintendent.  All these programs require at least two years teaching experience.

For more information, contact: