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The College of Education and Human Development takes pride in providing a first-rate education that equips our students with the skills to respond to today’s educational challenges and the imagination to solve the challenges of the future. COEHD offers you the opportunity to interact and engage with faculties who have earned national and international recognition for their scholarship. Our faculty is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service. We challenge you to make the best of your educational experience by taking every opportunity to engage in campus life, extracurricular activities, programs, and services.

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Message from the Director

Cassandra Lopez, COEHD SCC Director, welcomes you.

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Reserving the COEHD Student Success Center

Are you a COEHD faculty, staff, or student who would like to reserve the Student Success Center for an event, workshop, or group meeting? Please fill out the form below to submit a proposal for approval. Replies typically occur between 3-5 business days.

Sneak Peak of COEHD Student Success Center

This brief video offers a glimpse into the College of Education and Human Development's new Student Success Center.

The COEHD Student Success Center has moved to the UTSA Main Building 0.330!


The COEHD Student Success Center is designed to facilitate undergraduate students’ successful academic transition from entry to graduation, support and mentor students in how to best meet identified career goals, and further support campus engagement, well-being, and belonging. In addition, the Center serves as a resource center and hub for COEHD students to utilize to enhance their academic journey.


  • Goal 1: To increase academic success services
  • Goal 2: To provide extended support to students
  • Goal 3: To increase a sense of belonging and familiarity within the college community

The COEHD Student Success Center will achieve its goals through a variety of offerings including:

  • academic workshops
  • career-engaged learning
  • a common space for gatherings and meetings
  • opportunities for leadership and further campus involvement within and outside of the College of Education and Human Development

Student Success Center Logo   Lending Library

Available to all COEHD students to:
  Borrow materials needed for studying, class projects, and assignments.
  Some materials are available to keep courtesy of the Student Success Center. | MS 2.03.14B | (210) 458-4416

The COEHD Student Success Center understands purchasing materials for class, group projects, studying and various assignments can become quite costly throughout their college career. The Lending Library located inside the COEHD Student Success Center allows students to borrow materials needed for class, specializing in Interdisciplinary Studies. Items such as building blocks, musical instruments, texture letters, etc. are available to rent out for a set amount of time at no cost.

In addition, various items such as poster boards, construction paper, pocket folders, etc. are also available for students to utilize and keep for their academic needs.

Lending Library Checkout Form


In order to borrow items, students and faculty must present their UTSA ID or other photo ID at the front desk. Students and faculty can borrow the item(s) up to 3 weeks.

Items need to be returned to the COEHD Student Success Center on Main Campus (MS 2.03.14B).

If students or faculty would like to renew an item, they can come in person at the front desk of the Student Success Center or can contact through email at:

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