Mission and Vision

The mission of the African American Studies Program is to support the interdisciplinary exploration of African American experiences and those across the broader African Diaspora. The goals for the African American Studies major include ensuring upon completion students can (1) identify historical, economic, cultural, and sociological forces impacting Black communities and lives, and the continued intersectional significance of race among Black communities and the broader experiences of Black people, (2) engage with existing texts across a variety of disciplines exploring the complexities of Black life across the African Diaspora, (3) develop critical understandings of African American and broader African descendant communities and lives, and (4) participate in both academic and public discourse on Black experiences.


What Can I Do in African American Studies?

African American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students to better understand the experiences of Black people around the world. Students will learn research skills that will assist in producing an open discussion about Black experiences in any community. Students will gain knowledge of the research process that prepares them for jobs across the labor market or graduate-level studies.

African American Studies Program

African American Studies (AAS) complements and adds cultural diversity value to all fields of study and professions. This program helps prepare college students to pursue graduate degrees. Additionally, students engaging in this program will gain insights for working in a variety of professions such as education, business, law, public policy, health care, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.

Students enrolled in African American Studies obtain theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to working with diverse populations as well as research skills for developing, analyzing, and evaluating policies and practices influencing the African American community. The program prepares students to become insightful, intellectual, and innovative thinkers and leaders who can work effectively in diverse and challenging contexts.

  • African American Oral and Public History
  • Community Organizing/Leadership
  • Race and Education
  • Critical Race Studies
  • African Diaspora
  • Community-based Research
  • Social Movements

Doctorate Programs in African American Studies

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