Who We Are

A research and creative scholarship project in partnership with community-based organizations in San Antonio serving communities of color. With $5 million in support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we are able to create a new vision for higher education in our community and beyond.

Who We Serve

Our team has a long history of collaboration between the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, the Alamo Colleges, the university, and other partners. Most importantly, we not only work with communities, but we are also members of the community. Our team is composed of community activists, activist scholars, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Connecting Educators & Students with the San Antonio Community

Our students, faculty, and community members will work in multiple endeavors and pathways; from internships, fellowships, teaching academies, and more to explore greater understanding. Our educators and students will learn to build and develop meaningful relationships with their local community from diverse backgrounds and origins by taking part in our fight for a just future.