Posted on November 7, 2023 by Frances Sanchez


October 27, 2023   — Read an excerpt from Dr. Jasmine Harris' book ahead of its release date in January of 2024.

"He said what to you?" My mom refused to let me continue, interjecting as I relayed the events of that afternoon's meeting with my guidance counselor to her. "He called my list ambitious," I repeated, being sure to emphasize the final word and convey the lack of respect with which he said it. "Excuse me," my mom responded, less a question directed at me and more a retort of disgust at this man's words.

Truthfully, I'd half-hoped, half-expected this response, and spent the rest of the afternoon crafting the right words to ensure my guidance counselor could expect a visit from my mother. I smiled at the thought of him receiving my mother's ire as she advocated for me, the overachiever who, if I were white, would be applauded for my hard work rather than insulted in the face of it. "His job isn't even to judge the ambitiousness of your list," my mother continued.

— Frances Sanchez