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Degree: B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies ECE-6th

Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

"I am a Louisiana girl born and raised! I spent most of my childhood inside of classrooms as I come from a long line of 7 teachers. I knew teaching was my passion when I asked Santa one year for an overhead projector and a Whiteboard! I also got the amazing opportunity to take a year off to do the Disney College Program in 2021! So you could say I am a bit of a Disney fanatic! I can’t wait to continue for my M.A at UTSA in the coming years!"

Why did you choose UTSA?

I live in San Antonio and it was the best choice for me!


What was your favorite class and/or who was your favorite professor? Why?

My favorite class throughout my degree would have to be with Professor Porter! His class gave me so much insight to bring into my classroom!


What would you say is the most important thing you’ve learned over the course of your studies?

Take your time! You only live once!! Don’t rush to finish and miss out on the little things in life!


What are your plans for the future and/or career?

To be a Kindergarten Teacher!