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GRAD SPOTLIGHT: Bobbie Faith Garcia

Degree: M.Ed. Higher Education Administration

Hometown: Cotulla, Texas

"I chose to pursue my master’s in Higher Education Administration because I wanted to explore a field of study that interests me so much. I want to work with students, faculty, and staff at a collegiate level. Once I obtain this degree, I will be so happy. With some more good news, I was accepted I to the Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership for this upcoming Fall. I absolutely love school and love working with students on college campuses."

Why did you choose UTSA?

This university has become my home since the day I stepped foot on campus. I felt absolute comfort and everyone was so welcoming. I loved what UTSA had to offer and I immediately became involved. It allowed me to grow in so many aspects of my life.


What was your favorite class and/or who was your favorite professor? Why?

I really enjoyed my undergraduate classes and professors, in my master’s program I really admired Dr. Vanessa Sansone and Dr. Kaulfus. They really paved the way for me in my educational journey.


What would you say is the most important thing you’ve learned over the course of your studies?

I have become very knowledgeable and responsible. With my studies, I learned how to apply those skills to the workforce. They have prepared me once I graduate and become a student affairs professional.


Describe any professional experiences, research, organizations, or internship opportunities you've had at your time at UTSA. What did you learn from these opportunities?

In my undergraduate, I was in several organizations with executive roles attending national conferences. I had so much fun. I was a member of my sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha for 4 years, Hispanic Student Association for 2 years, and President of the Panhellenic Council for one year. During my master’s program, I was involved in a summer internship with the Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice doing their programming work. I loved the experience. Right now, I am about to start my 2nd summer internship with San Antonio College.


What is your fondest memory of your experience at UTSA?

The whole college experience. I am so thankful for it.

What are your plans for the future and/or career?

I have a goal to be a President at a university. Currently, I am working on that, but I know there is an experience that needs to be made within my journey. I will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.


What has brought you inspiration during this time? I.E. Music, books, public figures, etc.

Student Affairs professionals at UTSA have brought so much inspiration to me in pursuing my degrees.