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GRAD SPOTLIGHT: Amanda Villarreal



Degree: M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction and ISTEM Certification

Hometown:   San Antonio, Texas

"I am a passionate child advocate who has taught in the classroom for the last 7 years as a 4th and 5th-grade teacher. I am also an ESL teacher and am passionate about my teaching practices. I received my Undergraduate degree from UTSA in Interdisciplinary Studies (EC-6th) and English as a Second Language, and I knew it was time to return home to UTSA to earn my Master's degree. I believe education is a lifelong journey and something that should be celebrated and cherished. I am honored to receive this degree in Curriculum and Instruction and plan to continue to advocate for children and share my passion for education. Go, Runners! "

Why did you choose UTSA?

I came to UTSA in 2012-2016 for my undergraduate degree and knew I wanted to come back for my Master's. I loved both experiences.

What was your favorite class and/or who was your favorite professor? Why?

I loved my STEM courses here at UTSA that I took for my ISTEM Certification. I love STEM education and I believe it is the future of educational practices.

What would you say is the most important thing you’ve learned over the course of your studies?

That sometimes it is a good thing to stir the "good" kind of trouble in the education world.

What organizations or activities within COEHD that you’ve participated in?
ISTEM International Conferences with Mexico and STEERS Mentor with undergraduate students with Dr. Cynthia Lima.

Describe any professional experiences or internship opportunities you have had. What did you learn from these opportunities?
STEERS Mentor with undergraduate students with Dr. Cynthia Lima. Dr. Lima invested a lot of time and reassurance in me and my abilities as an educator. I enjoyed collaborating with her and future educators and mentoring them.

What is your fondest memory of your experience at UTSA?
All the meaningful connections with peers and professors that I have made.

What are your plans for the future and/or your career?
I want to continue to advocate for children's educational needs, but also that of their teacher. I would love to help develop a meaningful curriculum for a district or mentor teachers in some way.

What has brought you inspiration during this time?

God, family, and my students.

Congratulations to all of our Fall 2022 Graduates!