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The Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching Department is pleased to announce the promotion of three faculty members to the position of professor. Associate Professors María Arreguín, Emily Bonner, and Timothy Yuen will begin the fall semester as “full” professors, generally considered the pinnacle of a professor’s tenure track.

Each of the professors underwent an exhaustive review process, starting within their department and working out to encompass the entire university. This lengthy review focuses on many areas of a professor’s career.

“It’s incredibly extensive,” said Ann Marie Ryan, chair of the ILT Department. “It’s quite an honor to get to that stage in your career, to become a full professor….You are judged on your research, your teaching, but also your service.”

In each of these categories, Arreguín, Bonner, and Yuen stand out. While their fields of study may overlap – the three have collaborated and published together in the past – each brings their own passion and expertise to their teaching and their research.

Arreguín’s work emphasizes the sociolinguistic aspects of learning, including research into language and social justice. Bonner, on the other hand, specializes in mathematics education, though still maintaining a community-focused approach. Yuen, who also holds courtesy appointments within the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering, explores how technology affects minority communities.

In addition to research and community service, Ryan emphasizes the leadership requirements of “full” professorship.

“Becoming a full professor really is more of that trajectory of becoming a full member of the university…sometimes it’s associated with wanting to pursue leadership positions within the university, to increase your mentorship of other professors in the academy,” she said.

This willingness to lead is apparent throughout their careers. Arreguín has served in many leadership positions for local and national bilingual education associations. Bonner is currently the Assistant Dean for Research within COEHD. Yuen is the director of the EDGE Center, which seeks to explore how present and future technology might impact learners in a digital environment.

With an impressive record in teaching, research, and academic leadership, Ryan is both proud of her newly promoted professors, and grateful to them.

“Each of them are extremely dedicated researchers, teachers, and really just incredibly supportive of students at UTSA, both undergraduate and graduate students,” she said. “We’re really fortunate to have three wonderful leaders in their fields.”

While “full” professorship may be the apotheosis of the tenure track, Ryan knows it will not be the end of their achievements.

“It feels very exceptional for us,” she said. “They’ve already demonstrated incredible leadership and we look forward to seeing them continue to lead.”

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-- Chris Reichert

— Christopher Reichert