Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Educational Psychology is to promote the development and application of scientific knowledge. Our faculty members are committed to:

  • producing high-quality, innovative research and scholarship;
  • providing effective and culturally inclusive instructional technologies to prepare practitioners and researchers to use the tools, resources, and strategies necessary to improve the educational experience of all learners;
  • preparing culturally competent scientist-practitioners and researchers to effectively contribute to the applied psychological development and well-being of children and adolescents;
  • providing responsive educational and psychological services to the local community, schools, and beyond; and
  • engaging in participatory and leadership roles in local, national, and international institutions and organizations.

Our Vision

The Department of Educational Psychology’s vision is to be a nationally recognized, tier-one department of educational psychology with a strong emphasis on teaching, research, and policy development for preparing educational leader-scholars committed to equity, access, and student success.

We are proud to partner with most school districts as well as many charter schools and clinics in the greater San Antonio area to provide real-life experiences for students.

Our department hosts several professional development workshops throughout the year, which attract local school psychologists, educators, and board-certified behavior analysts. This allows students to interact and network with professionals in the field. Additionally, many of our graduate students are able to present and publish research with faculty.


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