Community Engagement

Grow with us
The college has a large number of community outreach initiatives underway such as counseling services (The Sarabia Center) and literacy programs (Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies). These community engagement opportunities provide much-needed services to the community while preparing UTSA top-tier students with hands-on experience in their fields.


Our Alumni in the College of Education and Human Development continues to grow every year. As of Spring 2020, we have welcomed a total of 808 new graduates. They are educators, clinical teachers, counselors, researchers, and are what makes the COEHD community special. Meet our Alumni and read their stories.

Community Partners

Our partners not only contribute to the COEHD community, but give students and faculty an opportunity to become a leader in research, service, and the classroom. Learn about our Community Partnerships and how you can become a partner.


Donors play a crucial role in achieving the College of Education and Human Development's mission and vision. Learn how you can help our students and faculty succeed by learning the many ways you can support COEHD.

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