Located on UTSA’s Downtown Campus, the SFCC was created with the primary purpose of serving San Antonio's urban downtown area and its surrounding communities. We have an extensive resource center, equipped with counseling related texts, assessments, technology, and other tools that promote active community service, clinical training, and clinical research.


We envision the UTSA Sarabia Family Counseling Center (SFCC) as a national leader in clinical service, education, and research. Our mission is to promote healthy social, emotional, and relational functioning, reflecting the needs of a diverse and dynamic society. The SFCC is organized and oriented towards three simple goals:

  • Promoting the highest quality of counseling service and care.
  • Promoting excellence in counseling through supervised clinical training.
  • Promoting counseling service and care through clinical research.
Ashley Cuevas, Ph.D.


Ashley Cuevas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Practice, Clinical Director of Sarabia Family Counseling Center




Currently, the UTSA Sarabia Family Counseling Center (SFCC) and the Department of Counseling provides free counseling and psycho-educational services to the community through university-sponsored clinics and community partnerships.

The SFCC is located on UTSA's Downtown Campus in the Durango Building, Room 3.304. The SFCC offers free counseling services to the community for individuals, couples, and families. Services are provided by master's and doctoral level counseling students and are supervised by university faculty. To make an appointment, please call (210) 458-2055. The SFCC's physical address is 501 W. César E. Chávez Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78207.

The SFCC works closely with the caseworkers and judges at the Municipal Courthouse to provide counseling services to adjudicated youth. These services include individual and family counseling at the SFCC and Psychoeducational Groups offered at the municipal courthouse. These groups service at-risk youth and their parents and focus on parenting skills, healthy communication, and character building.

The SFCC also works in collaboration with AVANCE, a community agency that strengthens families in at-risk communities through effective parent education and support programs. Staff and students from the SFCC provide educational outreach programs on parenting and mental health and wellness in addition to providing counseling services to referred families.

The SFCC partners with district courts to offer free counseling services to community members after serving on jury duty. After trials, some jurors experience sleep problems, stress, guilt, hopelessness, or frustration with the legal system. The UTSA Sarabia Family Counseling Center offers a safe and supportive environment where individuals can discuss their experiences related to jury duty and collaborate with their counselors to identify and implement solutions impeding optimal health and wellness.

The counseling department also collaborates with Harlandale Independent School District. Counseling services are provided to at-risk youth and their families as a part of the Harlandale ISD first-time offenders program. UTSA counseling students and professors provide group counseling on a weekly basis to middle school students, high school students, and their families.

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