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Women's Studies Institute

Women’s History Month 2018

Women’s History Month 2018

Women’s History Month 2018

Women’s History Month 2018

The San Antonio 4

Women’s Studies Institute

Women’s Studies Institute

Women’s Studies Institute

Women’s Studies Institute


Welcome to our Women's Studies Institute website where you can reflect on our many accomplishments over the years.

The Women's Studies Institute is developing in many unique ways. Unlike most Women and Gender Studies programs or Women's Studies research centers across the nation, we currently function as a student-center and community outreach institute. We are the home for one of Texas's newest majors in Women's Studies. This identity allows us to center our efforts on research, curriculum, and community engagement in exciting and important.

We sponsor lectures and conferences, host Women's History Month celebrations, and develop a research agenda that provides an intellectual and social climate for faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers and scholars in Women's Studies.

We seek to forge working relationships with the larger San Antonio community, particularly on issues relating to the development of women's leadership in the 21st Century. The WSI will explore collaborative partnerships with community organizations to distribute information and foster dialogue on issues of concern to working class women.

In the tradition of feminist methodologies, WS students are required to have a service learning component in their studies, offering students a chance to work with women's organizations throughout the community of South Texas.


In April 2007, the major proposal in Women's Studies, drafted by Women's Studies Advisory Committee (WSAC) chaired by Dr. Sharon Navarro, was approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Women's studies is officially listed in the UTSA Undergraduate Catalog and has been growing since our conception.

UTSA is one of the top five Hispanic-serving institutions in the U.S., and we at the WSI are committed to establishing a Women's Studies program that recognizes our location in South Texas. Alongside the flourishing minor in Women's Studies, our major track in Women's Studies seeks to strengthen the curriculum at UTSA, improve student enrollment and retention rates among the campus large population of minority and nontraditional students, and nurture leadership among female students and faculty.

Next on our agenda, the WSAC will propose a graduate certificate and an M.A. degree.  All three programs will continue to foster and further establish the culture of women-centered scholarship already present on the UTSA campus.

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