Research Support

Support for Grant Development Process

To notify the College, University, and the Research Service Center (RSC) of your interest and intent to submit a proposal, and thereby request for assistance with proposal development, click on the link below to complete the WuFoo form. The College and RSC will respond promptly. 

RSC In-take Form for all RSC

New to FY21: There are two RSCs which now solely provide pre-award support with proposal development and submission (with the post-award support provided by an office overseen by Stacy Williams, the Office of Research Finance and Operations). Downtown departments (Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Educational Leadership & Policy Studies) and institutes (CAPRI and Urban Education Institute) work with the Downtown RSC, directed by Theresa Bailey. Faculty in other departments and Organized Research Units (ORUs, aka Centers and Institutes) will work with the Main Campus RSC, directed by Jennifer Silver, serving Health, Education, Business, and Arts (HEBA) colleges.


UTSA Research Service Center for Colleges of Liberal & Fine Arts/Business/Education (ABE)

Jennifer Silver, CRA

RSC Director
Office: 210-458-4234 Fax: 210-458-5196

Jesse Hernandez, CRA

Sr. Research Award Coordinator
Office: 210-458-6852 Fax: 210-458-5196

Kerri Glaspie 

Research Pre-Award Administrator
Office: 210-458-5975  Fax: 210-458-5196


UTSA Research Service Center for the Downtown Campus

Theresa Bailey, Ph.D.

RSC Director
Office: 210-458-4226

Angelika Rocha

Sr. Research Award Coordinator
Office: 210-458-4113

Ramiro Cantu

Sr. Research Pre-Award Administrator
Office: 210-458-5975  Fax: 210-458-5196


Post Award Support: Office of Research Finance and Operations

Stacy N. Williams, MBA, CRA

Director, Office of Research Finance & Operations

Office: (210) 458-4231

Justin Marmolejo (C&I and Education faculty, Main Campus)

Research Post-Award Administrator
Office: 210-458-6376  Fax: 210-458-5196

Amanda Key (C&I and Education faculty, Main Campus)

Research Post-Award Administrator
Office: 210-458-4384 Fax: 210-458-5196 

Alicia Bernal (C&I and Education faculty, Downtown Campus)

Research Post-Award Administrator
Office: 210-458-2504

Kathy Silva (C&I and Education faculty, Downtown Campus)

Research Post-Award Administrator
Office: 210-458-8448

Grant Opportunities

Internal & Limited Submission Opportunities (e.g. INTRA grants, GREAT grants, SALSI Innovation Challenge, SALSI Clusters in Research Excellence, COEHD Faculty Research Awards)

Federal Opportunities (e.g. NSF, NIH, USDA, DOE, DOD, NASA)

State Opportunities (i.e. THECB;; eGrants; TEA)

Private Opportunities (Lumina grants, Ford Foundation grants, Greater Texas Foundation grants, etc.)

**Proposal Submission Deadline Policy

  • The VPR has implemented a 5/2 day rule (business days) requiring proposals to be routed and finalized prior to an agency's deadline.
  •  Multidisciplinary proposals require greater routing lead time.
  •  5 Business Days Deadline (Non-Technical documents due): Budget, Justification, Biosketch, Current/Pending Support, References Cited, Letters of Support
  • 2 Business Days Deadline (Technical documents due): Routing form, Internal approvals in Cayuse, Abstract, Project Description, Research Strategy, etc.

Step-by-Step Grant Development and Submission Guide

Identify a funding agency for your proposed project or consult with the Senior Grants Development Coordinator to identify a potential funding source. Prepare an abstract or summary of your project aligned with the funder’s priorities and outline your proposal based on the funder’s selection criteria.

STEP 1: Contact the Research Service Center. The Principal Investigator (PI) notifies the COEHD Research Service Center of the plan to submit a proposal by completing an intake form. Go to the following link and log into your personalized research dashboard Pull down the menu under My Proposals and click on Intake Form.

STEP 2: Send Draft Budget document(s) to the RSC As soon as the PI has a preliminary draft budget and/or budget outline prepared, send it to the appropriate RSC serving your department or center. BBL, ILT, REGSS, ATE, CRPE, CITL will submit proposals and conduct pre-award activities through the HEBA RSC at the Main Campus COU, EDP, ELPS, CAPRI, UEI will submit proposals and conduct pre-award activities through the DT RSC at the Downtown Campus.

The RSC will review the budget document and work with the PI to finalize it both to suit the PI's project needs as well as to meet UTSA and sponsor requirements. The PI can also meet with RSC staff directly to get assistance with the first draft budget, if needed. Link to the Budget template: Budget Template Form

STEP 3: Verify that Conflict of Interest Disclosure is up to date. All PI's must have a current Conflict of Interest (Disclosure) on file prior to submitting a proposal. 

STEP 4: Complete a Routing Form. PI logs into CAYUSE to create an electronic routing form for submission of the proposal.

Please complete the routing form – some questions are compliance related and best for the PI to complete. 

 1)  Login with your abc123.

 2)  Select the New tab at the top of the page.

 3)  Complete the form. Click on save at bottom of the page.

 Completion of Routing Form

  • The checklist / kick-off email contains a link or use  
  • Type of funding, use drop down arrow, select New
  • Type of activity, use drop down arrow, click on icon for additional info
  • Type of award, use drop down arrow, select Grant
  • Sponsor, use drop down arrow to select
  • See application for sponsor email and phone number 
  • Select the PI/Co-PI role and shared credit – add PI/Co-PI to add additional Co-PI
  • Direct costs are 0,000 1st year
  • Standard university rate (F/A)  is "yes" or “no”
  • Respond to the remaining questions on the form
  • Scroll to bottom of page, click on continue, the system will prompt you if any errors

4) Save the document as PDF to desktop or file.

5) Send the PDF to the RSC pre-award staff.

For first-time Cayuse users:

Create a profile in Cayuse for uploading all documents for internal routing/approvals at the following link. 

Once you have logged in (abc123), go the people tab, put your name in, and click "search".

We will need you to link your profile with UTSA institution.

Complete the contact office info:   

One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, Texas 78249-1164
Office phone number 

STEP 5: Work with the RSC to finalize routing of the PIs proposal.

All proposals must be reviewed and approved by all persons on a routing chain prior to submission. Typical routing order for the College of Education and Human Development: 

  • The PI
  • The PI's Department Chair
  • RSC Pre-Award Administrator
  • COEHD Associate Dean for Research
  • RSC Director
  • *If there is a Co-PI from another College on your project, plan for a prolonged routing/approval timeframe. Routing requirements and timeframes vary by College. 

STEP 6: Work with the RSC to finalize and upload the PI's technical documents.

Please follow the link and instructions below:

Go to the Cayuse record in Cayuse.

Cayuse # XXXX

  1. Navigate to the left side of screen to “Proposal Summary” to review uploaded internal documents.
  2. Navigate to the left side of screen to the “Routing & Approval” subsection under Proposal Management.
  3. Click the box next to your name, then click “Approve” to route it forward.
  4. Once you indicate your approval, the next person in the chain will be notified via email from CAYUSE.
  5. Click on Proposal Lists(upper left corner) under Overview tab to log out of Cayuse.

Whether the PI's proposal is going to be submitted to via Cayuse, the National Science Foundation via Fastlane, or to another sponsor through another portal, the PI should work with the RSC pre-award contact to finalize the required documents and the PI should upload these documents into the sponsor’s required submission protocol.

Keep in mind that funding agencies have different protocols (e.g., requiring that a single PDF compiling different application documents need to be filed or defining specific filenames for attachments). It is strongly suggested that you review and discuss the entire submission with the Senior Grant Development Coordinator and RSC staff to ensure compliance.

STEP 7: Review final/complete proposal packet

Once the RSC pre-award contact has reviewed the PI's final proposal packet, they will provide the PI with an electronic copy of the complete, final proposal packet as it will appear to the sponsoring organization. It is very important that the PI and/or other members of the PI's project team (Co-PI, etc.) take time to review the packet one last time before submission. 

College of Education and Human Development
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