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TExES Preparation Resources

General/All Tests

Pearson Education Inc. (Pearson)

Because Pearson has the contract to develop, administer and modify TExES tests, the Pearson TexES website is your best source for test preparation materials. ETS provides

  • Policies – Read and understand the Policies for the test you plan to take.
  • Prepare – Pearson provides a variety of general exam information and specific content review resources. Use these to prepare for the test.
  • Preparation Manuals – These provide you more information on test structure and the kinds of questions you will answer.
  • Interactive Practice Tests – These are full-length tests with answers. Take these tests, and then review the results carefully to understand how to best prepare for the real test. These tests cost $10; however, the testing fee for the actual test has been reduced to $116 plus fees.

Texas or University-Based Resources

  • Tarleton State provides the T-CERT site with various practice tests. You need a TEA ID number to use this site. You can use these as diagnostic tests before you take the practice exam.
  • Dr. Jerry Whitworth of Texas Woman’s’ University has posted test preparation quizlets.

Web Searches

  • Searches of Google, Vimeo, Pinterest, and similar sites may yield helpful preparation resources.


  • Book: Kaplan TExES, Hall, McCall, Burk+hardt.

Content Tests

All Content Areas

The TExES content tests are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). If you know and understand the TEKS, then you should be well prepared for the TExES content exams. It behooves you to know the TEKS now, since you will be teaching them soon.

  • As you read, highlight words, names, ideas, dates and etc. that you don’t know or understand. 
  • Write each one of these on a 3x5 card, then look it up and write the explanation on the other side. Then drill yourself until the answers come fluidly, without effort, to your mind.
  • Test your knowledge of the TEKS the same way you will test whether or not your students understand the TEKS – by taking the STAAR exams. The Student Testing and Accountability section of the TEA website includes Released Tests that you can use to improve your knowledge.
  • Do NOT just read the questions and guess at the answers. You should be able to identify with certainty which answer is right, and you should be able to explain with certainty why each wrong answer is wrong.
  • This is a much higher level of study, but it is exactly what you’ll have to do with your students very soon. 
  • To improve your general knowledge in the Core Subject areas, try the PBS Learning Media website.
  • The College Board provides sample test questions and a variety of resources which may help you prepare.
  • The Texas Education Agency provides the Texas Gateway. This has a wide variety of resources that you can use to prepare for the test or use in your own classroom.
  • TheCrash Course provides brief courses on many subjects with supportive cartoons.
  • cK-12 provides a variety of lessons on math, science, English and more.
  • The Khan Academy provides free lessons on many subjects at various grade levels.

Core Subjects

  • Ducksters provides kid-oriented science, math, history and geography instruction, but it might help you.
  • Book: Ultimate Guide to the TExES Core Subjects EC-6, Bauer, Cezeaux and Scott.
  • Book: TExES Core Subjects EC-6 (291). Dr. Luis A. Rosado


  • UTSA’s eCommunity of Practice has an extensive math preparation resource with videos. The eCoP also includes online tutoring, small group reviews, and help if you have failed the math or science exam.


The Texas Music Educators Association Music Preparation/Review may help you with the EC-12 Music test.


  • Texas educator Michael Hayes provides a series of videos preparing candidates for the science portion of the Core Subjects tests.
  • Dr. Binocs has a series of kid-friendly science cartoons that you can reach through the Internet or Amazon Prime.
  • Physics Girl has video explanations of many science concepts.
  • The American Association for the Advancement of Science’s provides lessons for teachers that may help you.
  • The Baylor College of Medicine’s BioEd Online and SuperSTAAR provide resources for science teachers that may help you. 

Social Studies


  • Book: Bilingual Education Supplemental (164): Keypoints to pass the test. Luis Montemayor.
  • Book: TExES Bilingual Education Supplemental (164): Secrets study guide. Mometrix Media.
  • Book: TExES Bilingual Education Supplemental (164). Dr. Luis A. Rosado.

Commercial Sources

The following list is for your information. UTSA does not endorse these companies or their products.

  • Mometrix Test Preparation. In addition to TExES resources, there are aids for preparing for the GED and other subject-specific tests that may help you.


Student Mentors needed for TExES Test Tutoring

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