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Tue, October 22, 2019

Practice Exam Registration

Practice TExES Exams and Registration

  • The Practice Exams listed below are required for state exam eligibility.
  • As new Practice Exams become available from UTSA, they will be added to the required list.
  • All Practice Exams are available each Practice test session.
  • Students may register for one Practice Exam per test session.
  • If a Practice Exam is not listed below, then it is not required for state exam eligibility.
  • EC-6 Core Subjects/Bilingual students are required to take the EC-6 Core Subjects and Bilingual Supplemental Practice tests.
  • Students can take the Bilingual Supplemental Practice test during the same session they have registered for the PPR Practice test if the following conditions exist

               - completion of the PPR Practice Test

               - at least 45-minutes remain in the Practice Test session

Students will only be able to register for one exam per Practice Test session.

Required UTSA Practice Exams

  • School Counselor
  • Superintendent
  • EC-12 PPR
  • EC-12 Physical Education
  • Bilingual Supplemental
  • EC-6 Core Subjects 
  • EC-12 Special Education
  • 4-8 Core Subjects
  • EC-12 Music
  • 7-12 English, L.A. & Reading
  • 4-8 ELAR/S.S.
  • 7-12 Mathematics
  • 4-8 Math/Science
  • 7-12 Science
  • 8-12 Physical Science
  • 8-12 Life Science
  • 7-12 Social Studies
  • 7-12 History

Practice Exam Registration

Registration for the practice exam closes 24 hours before the exam. Register early. Banner ASAP shows only one practice test date at a time. The next test date will be posted after the prior exam date has expired and the scores have been posted. If you want to take only a portion of the Core Subjects EC-6 or Core Subjects 4-8 test, send an email to Dr. Vriesenga not later than the Wednesday before the test.

ASAP Online Practice Exam Registration

Step 1: Go to the UTSA homepage (http://utsa.edu) then log on to the myUTSA ASAP

Step 2: Click on "Student Service"

Step 3: Click on "TExES Practice Exams Registration"

Step 4: Click on "Register for Test Session:

Step 5: Click on "Practice TExES"

Step 6: Click on "Select Test: to choose test from drop down window

Step 7: Click on the radio button to the far right, then click on "Submit" button

Practice Exam scores will be available on Banner ASAP two business days after the exam is given. Scores are reported in percentiles with 80% overall considered passing.

Students must earn a 70 or higher on the Practice Exams to be approved for the real exam. Core Subjects students must earn a 70 or above on each subtest to be approved for the real test. If you score 70 or higher on a practice test, you do not have to take it again. Contact Dr. V four days prior to the next practice test to coordinate taking only a portion of the Core Subjects test.