Certification Partnerships

The Teacher/Educator Certification Program is a partnership between UTSA, and local public school districts, and cooperating Teachers that provides our students with their first exposure to the classroom while under the guidance of an experienced mentor.  Upon entering the program, students will begin with Field Experiences that allow observing real-world situations and then progress (see timeline) to teaching in a classroom under the watchful eye of their cooperating teacher.

Partner School Districts


As part of the certification curriculum, students are placed in schools throughout participating districts in the San Antonio and Bexar County, with an emphasis on inner-city, low income, and high-minority settings.  Students experience in a variety of real-world teaching situations in order to gain an understanding of the diverse needs of learners and the community. The school and district partnership facilitates the development of preservice teachers, support the teaching process on each campus with a first look at potential hires and their abilities.  


Rather than being tossed into a classroom on a probationary status, our students have the opportunity to develop their skills, gain experience, and even make mistakes, while learning from an experienced professional.  Our students develop teaching skills, gain experience, develop networks, and are exposed to potential employers, so when they enter the classroom, they are ready.  Students are placed throughout our partner school districts that encompass a wide range of social and economic neighborhoods and schools.  Current student placement map


Experienced teachers provide the backbone of the partnership by providing students best practices, guidance, and leadership to mold the next generation of teachers.