Are you really READY to Teach?


Don'€™t Confuse Eagerness to Teach, with READY to Teach!

UTSA'€™s comprehensive teacher certification program is a proven leader in providing certification preparation to new teachers, principals, superintendents, counselors, and other education professionals. Partnered with 19 area school districts, our certification programs:


Offer students experiences in diverse social and economic schools
Build confidence through in-classroom experience 
Build and expand our student's educational network and increase their exposure to employers
Create a well-rounded, classroom-ready, and fully-certified teacher


The result: 

Our students walk into their first classroom ready to take on the challenges, ready to handle tough situations, and they are READY to teach.   

Find the Program for you!

Find the Program for you!

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Program for students who are still seeking their baccalaureate degree and are interested in becoming certified to teach.

For students who have already earned an undergraduate degree or higher, and wish to earn a teaching certificate.

School Counselor, Principal, Superintendent, Reading Specialist and graduate degree with initial certifications.

** All students entering into UTSA's Teacher Certification Programs
MUST be in good standing with UTSA, and
must pass a criminal background check

SBEC Certified