Certification Timeline

UTSA’s Teacher Education Service is a proven leader in providing certification preparation to new teachers, principals, superintendents, counselors, and other education professionals. Our comprehensive program centers around preparing a well-rounded individual fully-prepared to take on the challenges of a classroom or position on their first day, not just to pass an examination and be on probationary status. Students will progress through three phases of the program:  

  • Program Application, vertify entry requirements, and complete the required Criminal Background Check.  Orientation  Completion of Basics and Learning Classroom Management.

  • Throughout the program, students can attend Instructional Technology Workshops to help them integrate the latest technology into their classrooms

  • Students receive initial exposure to the classroom through supervised sessions, a few hours per week, and in different school settings. Students experience diverse social and economic environments, develop teaching skills, are exposed as potential hires, and begin developing their education network.

  • Certification students are also given opportunities to complete study sessions, reviews, and take practice exams for their TEA examination (TExES Examination). Students also receive guidance on scheduling, ,

  • Hands on teaching of students in classroom under supervision of a Cooperating Teacher.

  • Upon successful completion of the program and having met all state requirements, our candidates are confident, capable, and ready to enter the classroom as fully certified teachers. A special ceremony is held each semester to recognize their accomplishments and skills, where students take an oath and are inducted into the profession of teaching.