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Roadrunner Research Corner

With over $54 million in funding for top-tier research, UTSA continues to develop creative, flexible and innovative approaches to address critical issues in education. Our ground-breaking research offers students and faculty opportunities to explore new horizons and ideas while providing support to our community and our society. Faculty members within the College of Education and Human Development are constantly conducting culturally and socially relevant research and have received over $6 million dollars in research funding during the 2017-18 academic year.

Submission Criteria

Submission format:
Title: Original Article Citation
Student's Name
Article Summary will be no longer than 350 words
Sections must include:

  • Introduction/Rationale for the study

  • Brief Methods

  • Brief Results/Findings

  • Brief Discussion

  • Student Critical Reflection

  • References used in the Brief/Summary


Contact Information:, or

Deadlines: Article summaries/briefs will be published on an ongoing basis. Work with the professor whose work you are reviewing regarding deadline and editing.

Review Process and/or Timeline: Review process should last no longer than a regular semester, approximately 12 to 15 weeks. Research briefs/summaries will be reviewed and edited by the original article's author.

To view a sample article click here: Sample Article Brief