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Sat, August 08, 2020

COEHD Research and Development Committee

Committee members and liaisons to each of the Departments in 2017-2018: Dr. Rosalind Horowitz, Chair, Professor, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching; Dr. Jessica Hazlett-Lloyd, Counseling; Dr. Juan Nino, Education Policy and Administration. Dr. Guan Saw, Educational Psychology; Dr. Jorge Solis, Bicultural-Bilingual Studies; Dr. Erica Sosa, Kinesiology, Health and Nutrition; Dr. Monica Trevino, COEHD Senior Grant Development Coordinator; with Dr. Amaury Nora, Associate Dean of Research, Ex Officio member. 

New Committee members in 2018-2019:  Dr. Nathern Okilwa, was appointed by the Dean to represent Education Leadership and Policy Studies after Dr. Juan Nino stepped down. Dr. Amaury Nora, former Associate Dean of Research stepped down, and Dr. Michael Karcher, the new Associate Dean of Research, joined the COEHD, Research and Development Committee as an Ex Officio member.

The COEHD Research and Development Committee has identified 4 areas of strategic focus within the college:

  1. Research Visibility
  2. Faculty Support
  3. Collaborations; and 
  4. Students as Researchers