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Plaza de Lectura / The Reading Place

Plaza de Lectura / The Reading Place welcomes you!

Plaza de Lectura / The Reading Place welcomes you!

Plaza de Lectura / The Reading Place welcomes you!

Plaza de Lectura / The Reading Place welcomes you!

Plaza de Lectura / The Reading Place welcomes you!

Plaza de Lectura / The Reading Place welcomes you!

Plaza de Lectura

Plaza de Lectura

Promoting more humanizing approaches to literacy…


Archived Webinars

Coiro, J. (2015, February 3).  Online Reading Comprehension:  Opportunities and Challenges [Webinar]. Hosted by Specialized Literacy Professionals Special Interests Groups (SIG) of the International Literacy Association and College of Education and Human Development at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Retrieved from

Strategies for Supporting Productive Online Inquiry [Webinar]. Hosted by Specialized Literacy Professionals Special Interests Groups (SIG) of the International Literacy Association and College of Education and Human Development at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Retrieved from

Contact Us

Contact person: Marcy Wilburn

Phone: 210-458-2649 



Tutor Information

The Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching faculty at UTSA established the UTSA Reading Place to serve children in the community and to serve as a place where UTSA students are trained to teach reading. We have worked hard so that you have the necessary resources at your fingertips to help you in making the tutoring experience for both you and tutee a positive and fun experience!


  1. The books are primarily organized by level of text difficulty. You will find a wall chart that explains the color coded leveling system. A few special categories have been organized as well: Award-winning books, Pair-It books, books to promote phonemic awareness, alphabet books, books to promote phonics instruction, predictable books, and expository texts. Within the leveled sections, the books have been arranged by alphabetical order for easy browsing.
  2. If you need help finding books on a topic (cats, dinosaurs, etc.) or would like to search by a specific title or author, the Reading Place staff will be happy to assist you.
  3. PLEASE ALLOW ADEQUATE TIME TO FIND BOOKS (at least an hour). If you come in 10 minutes before a tutoring session, there may not be time for staff to help you find the book you are looking for.

Book Checkout Procedures
Book check out is limited to 3 weeks. Exception: Our award-winning books are not for checkout at this time. Check-outs might be limited by school calendar, material condition, and faculty reservation.

Book Return Procedures
When returning books: Return the book to the pink basket by the front door during business hours.

Additional Resources

  1. The UTSA Reading Place has a variety of learning games, alpha boards, mini-dry erase boards, activities, etc. These materials may only be checked out for 3 weeks.
  2. We also offer numerous art supplies such as construction paper, card stock, markers, crayons, sentence strips, glue sticks, the use of a book binding machine, laminator, etc. and we invite you to utilize these items for your tutoring sessions.

* Please note: Your tutees and tutee parents may NOT check out books, games, etc. If you want to send a book home with a child, you must check it out and accept full responsibility for it.

UTSA Reading Place Phone Number: (210) 458-2649, Marcy Wilburn, Director

Attendance Policy

  1. Good attendance is mandatory to remain in this program. If your child is unable to attend a tutoring session for any reason or will be late for a tutoring session, please notify the Reading Place by calling (210) 458-2649 and leave a message that your child will be absent.

  2. Just as this program is important to your child, it is also important for our tutors. Our tutors are UTSA Education majors and must complete these tutoring hours with your child in order to fulfill class requirements. Excessive absences on the child's behalf could result in the lowering of the tutor's grade.

  3. Your child will be allowed 2 absences throughout the duration of the tutoring sessions.

  4. If your child misses 2 times, he/she will be replaced by a child on our waiting list and potentially removed from our mailing list.

Weekly Drop Off Tutoring Session Procedures:
Arrive promptly at designated tutoring time.
You must escort your child to the location agreed on by you & your child's tutor.

Weekly Pick-Up Tutoring Session Procedures:
Be punctual when picking up your child from tutoring.
Sign your name on the "Sign Out" sheet that is kept by your child's tutor when tutoring
session is completed.

Benefits of the UTSA Reading Place Tutoring Program

  1. Tutors work one-on-one with your child to strengthen literacy skills.

  2. Tutors prepare your child for academic success.

  3. Tutors will identify your child's strengths and weaknesses and share that information with parent(s)/guardian(s).

  4. Tutors will create and implement individual tutoring plans based on your child's individual needs.




UTSA Reading Place: Plaza de Lectura offers assistance in reading and writing to San Antonio area children. In addition, UTSA Reading Place provides training for university students through teaching experiences and conducts research on problems in literacy learning. UTSA Reading Place is located at the downtown campus of UTSA on the third floor of the Buena Vista Building (BV 3.350). UTSA faculty from the College of Education and Human Development supervise tutors at the center. The UTSA Reading Place contains books and instructional material for use during the tutoring sessions.

Spring 2019 Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Wednesdays 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Upper level undergraduate students pursuing teacher certification and graduate students working toward reading specialist certification provide assessment in reading and writing to students from grades PreK through sixth grade. Following assessment, individual instruction is provided to address areas of need. Parents are provided information regarding assessment results and tutorial goals. Students are tutored one-on-one for one evening a week for approximately one hour.  At the close of the semester, parents are given information about their child's progress.

General Information About the Program
Our tutoring sessions vary each semester and children are admitted based on need and appropriate fit within each particular tutoring session. Children, or Roadrunner Readers as we prefer to call them, meet *one evening per week (as designated by the particular tutoring session) with their tutor and receive one-on-one tutoring. Tutoring sessions last approximately 1 hours.

How much does it cost?
The cost for tutoring is $50 per semester per child (scholarships are available). The fee is a one-time charge and pays for approximately *10 weeks of tutoring. Included in this fee is a parking permit which allows you to park free of charge in UTSA designated spaces during the duration of the tutoring semester. Your parking permit allows you to park in either Cattleman's Square Parking Lot , under IH-35, or in the Durango Loop Parking Lot. Please do not park in any spaces reserved for faculty. City parking may also be utilized and paid for by using the parking meters. Please see map for more details.

Parent Information

We invite you to submit an application to The Reading Place: Plaza de Lectura. Located at the Downtown Campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio, the Plaza is a program of the Department of lnterdisciplinary Learning and Teaching and College of Education and Human Development.

Since its founding in 1999, the Reading Place: Plaza de Lectura has helped more than 1,500 children in the San Antonio area children by providing assistance in reading and writing. Each semester approximately 100 students are able to participate in the programs of the Plaza. The Plaza offers a variety of programs including those designed to help children needing extra support in reading and writing and young children who would benefit from enrichment literacy activities.

Students enrolled in the Plaza receive one-on-one tutoring by undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in teacher preparation programs at UTSA. Tutors are closely supervised by Literacy faculty members.

Tutoring services for the semester cost $50.00 per child. This fee also covers the cost of parking for the parent. For further information about the Plaza, you can call 210-458-2649 or email us at We hope to have the opportunity to serve you in the future.


Class Offerings

Spring 2019 Programs

Roadrunner Readers Mentoring Program - Grades 2nd-6th

Children in grades 2nd-6thwho are need of assistance with reading are invited to enroll in our Roadrunner Readers ProgramThe mentoring sessions are designed to help children who are reading below grade level. Mentors identify each child’s strengths and needs and create highly engaging literacy experiences designed to support literacy growth and development. We are accepting applications for the following sessions:

Tuesdays from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

First class: February 5

Last class: April 30

(Excludes week of Spring Break, March 11-16)


Thursdays from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

First class: February 7

Last class: May 2

(Excludes week of Spring Break, March 11-16)

More information regarding orientation and payment will be provided when application has been received.

Tuition cost per child: $50.00/$30.00 with scholarship (Tuition includes UTSA parking permit.)

Download Application

For information about scholarships, please contact us at or (210) 458-2649

Mail Application to: 

UTSA College of Education and Human Development
501 W Cesar E Chavez Boulevard
San Antonio, TX 78207-4415
ATTN: Marcy Wilburn - La Plaza de Lectura

Email Application to:

Phone: 210-458-2649


Tuition paid on the first night of class or through PayPal. To pay for the Roadrunner Readers Tutoring Program online, to go our PayPal account and type in the amount ($50). PayPal is a secure service. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can get one for free. Paypal Account: