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UTSA leads the way with a gracious welcome to the AERA Conference in 2017

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The American Educational Research Association Conference will be held in San Antonio, Thursday, April 27 through Monday, May 1, 2017.

Faculty from The University of Texas at San Antonio met with Felice Levine, Executive Director of the American Educational Research Association, Vivian Gadsden, President of AERA, and Angela Arzubiaga, Arizona State University and James Earl Davis, Temple University, Program Co-Chairs, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in Downtown San Antonio on May 20, 2016. AERA supporting staff at the headquarters office were also present—Samara Fetner and Robert Smith.


This invitational Regional Scholars Meeting was designed to obtain input from faculty and administrators about themes that would best represent South Texas, suitable for the conference program in 2017.  What is unique is that this will be the first-ever AERA Conference to be held in San Antonio!  The Conference theme is Knowledge to Action:  Achieving the promise of equal educational opportunity.

There are 16,000 AERA members who typically attend this conference which includes a wide spectrum of educational research issues, practices, and policy topics—in educational psychology, human development, sociology of education, language study and bilingualism, anthropology, literacy, counseling, special education, administration and leadership, curriculum theory and its development, ethnicity, race, culture and global education, study of LBGQ populations, history of education, health, poverty issues, urban and rural education, immigration and migration, political theory, federal and state policy issues, equity and opportunity, legal matters, and education in the disciplines— such as mathematics, the sciences, history and the humanities and arts, civic education—with attention to achievement gaps, educational measurement and assessment.

A group of about 25 faculty, with representatives from The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M, San Antonio, participated in a two-hour vigorous dialogue to address many of these fields of study and topics with AERA leadership.  This was followed by a cocktail reception. Another planning meeting was held earlier in the day with President Ricardo Romo and Dr. Harriet Romo.

Information about the AERA Conference proposal submission process is located on the AERA website. Presentations will take the form of paper sessions, grouped by theme by the organization, symposia, roundtables, and posters. Roundtables and posters are encouraged given space limitations.

Proposals for the Conference are due July 22nd, Friday at 11:59 p.m., Pacific-time. 

Pictured above: Front row from left to right:  Vanessa Hammler Kenon, Lucila Ek, Patricia Sanchez, Betty Merchant, Rosalind Horowitz, Harriet Romo, Juan Manuel Nino, Second row left to right:  Paul Schutz, Sonja Lanehart, Howard Smith. (Not included in the photo were Bekisizwe Ndimande, Theodora Regina Berry, Encarnacion Garza, Juliet Langman, Kathleen Fugate Laborde, Michael Jennings, Jorge Solis, Laura Rendon, AnneMarie Nunez; Enrique Aleman.)

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