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ILT professor elected as AERA chair

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By: Jo Ann Jones/College of Education and Human Development


Rosalind Horowitz, professor in the College of Education and Human Development’s (COEHD) Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching, was elected to chair the Research in Reading and Literacy Special Interest Group for the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Horowitz began her assignment at the AERA Conference in April, and will continue through 2017. As chair, she is responsible for establishing and leading the group’s Executive Committee and identifying representatives from countries around the world to serve on the committee.


“I think that this appointment will give The University of Texas at San Antonio visibility as a center for language, reading, and literacy research,” said Horowitz. “It will also give me the opportunity to play a leadership role in advancing research that addresses the achievement of populations who have had limited opportunities for developing the high levels of literacy required for the 21st century.”


Horowitz has previously served in AERA as a member of the Special Interest Group Executive Board, program chair for Division C, and chair of the Outstanding Research Mentoring Award for Division G. Horowitz is also the COEHD Ambassador for Tier 1 Research and a member of the UTSA Research Advisory Board.


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