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COEHD to support student success through new center

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In an effort to support academic achievement and student success, the UTSA College of Education and Human Development’s Office of Undergraduate Studies recently announced the opening of the COEHD Student Success Center. 

The center will host an Open House on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 2 pm on the Main Campus in Main Building 2.434.01.

“We are very excited about the opening of our new Student Success Center,” said Dr. Norma Guerra, associate professor and associate dean for Undergraduate Student Success. “With this center, we are creating a gathering space for our COEHD undergraduate students.”

Through the center, undergraduate students in the college will have access to resources, materials, and professional development workshops to help support their academic journey. 

“We hope to invite professionals from within the community and faculty to offer in-service training opportunities,” said Guerra. “We want to help our students create a seamless dialogue between their chosen career path and the professional in the community so that their University preparation leads them towards these desired paths.”

The center will also provide a physical space for students to study and for COEHD organizations to meet.

“One of the first opportunities that we identified as we began looking at our undergraduate students and their needs is that we didn’t have a central location for them. There was no place for them to go study or to interact with each other,” said Guerra. “We hope this center can serve as that place for students to study, meet with their student organizations, and network with their peers.”

The center also will provide tutoring and instructional support that works in conjunction with the services offered at other university offices.

“We don’t want to replicate any services that are currently being offered on campus, such as the Tomás Rivera Center,” said Guerra. “Our goal, rather, is to meet those needs that have not been previously unmet.”

Prior to establishing the center, the COEHD Office of Undergraduate Studies met with other colleges to tour their student centers. They also worked with current undergraduate students in the college to understand their needs and challenges.

“I am really hoping that as they come in, the students will see themselves as members of this larger COEHD community and will be able to use the center as a facility with resources to help them develop professionally and personally,” said Guerra. “This Center is all about the students. It is for them and it is with them in mind that we are investing in and supporting their success as future educators and leaders in the community.” 

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