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Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

Literacy Instruction

Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

Literacy Development

Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

Literacy Research

Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

A humanized approach to literacy

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Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

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Dr. Miriam Martinez, Interim Director

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  E:  Miriam.martinez@utsa.edu

Marcy Wilburn, Service Coordinator

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  E:  marcy.wilburn@utsa.edu


Ongoing Research

BETTER Mozambique

The goal of the BETTER project is to raise the levels of reading achievement among the primary-aged children of Mozambique. To accomplish this goal, the BETTER project is directed toward the improvement of literacy teaching through improvements in the quality of initial teacher preparation. The BETTER project represents a collaborative effort among the Ministry of Education, four IFPs and PROGRESSO. There are four major areas of focus in the improvement of teacher preparation within the BETTER framework: 1) expanding the depth and breadth of attention to the teaching of reading; 2) enhancing the use of learner-centered (interactive) methodologies; 3) strengthening the quality of and support for field experiences in practice settings; and 4) promoting gender sensitivity and equality of opportunity for both IFP students and students in primary schools.

JLR 2015-2019

The editorial team for the Journal of Literacy Research included members of the Literacy Education faculty in the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching (ILT) at the University of Texas at San Antonio, as well as various faculty from the University of Albany – State University of New York, the University of South Carolina, and Universidad de los Andes. The editorial team created a new feature section, which included Insights essays that addressed policy issues important to educators. The team also celebrated the 50th anniversary of JLR, producing a volume that shared challenges and contributions of the journal to literacy research.


CITL is collaborating with the Center for Educational Outreachat Baylor College of Medicine to develop an instructional unit for kindergarten through third-grade teachers that revolves around the growing field of disciplinary literacy. The partnership between UTSA and BCM is a result of a Science Education Partnership Award grant from the National Institutes of Health – National Institute of General Medical Sciences. This unit connects ELAR instruction and learning to authentic science learning experiences by embedding reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking like a scientist into science inquiry investigations. The inquiry circle groups developed by UTSA and BCM link multiple disciplines as they provide a space for students to practice and apply their reading strategies while they learn how to conduct research and use language as a scientist would. Through the use of these instructional resources, teachers will be able to foster students’ fluency in the discipline of science by providing opportunities for students to embody the role of a scientist and engage in scientific communities of practice. 

UT System (King Elementary)

Through the Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies, the College of Education and Human Development is partnering with Sarah King Elementary in San Antonio ISD. The research partnership funded by the UT System is a mutually beneficial program that provides holistic support to the campus in an effort to strengthen academic success. 

Faculty from across the College of Education and Human Development are collaboratively supporting the needs identified by the school. We provide instructional support through literacy coaching and professional development sessions provided by Dr. Misty Sailors (CITL Director),  Sarah Aguirre (Field Education Specialist) and Dr. Kristen Lindahl (Bicultural-Bilingual Studies). We are building literacy leadership with six Sarah King teachers enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Reading and Literacy program. We have supported the community surrounding Sarah King through adult ESL classes and focusing on second grade family literacy initiatives led by Dr. Samuel DeJulio (Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching). The leadership team at Sarah King Elementary works with Dr. Mariela Rodriguez (Educational Leadership) on a mindfulness book study. Dr. Felicia Castro-Villareal and several graduate students in Educational Psychology are supporting the behavior needs on campus through professional development sessions and consultation support for teachers. Pre-service teachers meet for two courses on campus, complete field work in the classrooms, and mentor second graders in an after school program.

Click HERE to watch a video on CITL's work at Sarah King Elementary.