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Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

Your Transformative Literacy Center

Your Transformative Literacy Center

A humanized approach to literacy

A humanized Approach

A humanized Approach

Literacy Research

A humanized approach

A humanized approach

Literacy Development

A humanized Approach

A humanized Approach

Literacy Instruction

Contact Us:

Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies

One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249

UTSA Main Campus
Main Building, MB 2.210E

  T:   210-458-7288

Dr. Misty Sailors, Director

  T:   210-458-7288

Marcy Wilburn, Service Coordinator

  T:   210-458-2649

Sarah Aguirre, Education Field Specialist

  T:   210-458-2649


Newcomer Teachers of San Antonio



Texas receives the second largest number of new refugee arrivals in the United States and San Antonio is home to a large number of these newcomer families.  At CITL, we strive to support this population by creating a network of Kindergarten through twelfth grade newcomer teachers from multiple schools districts across the city. We address the unique needs of newcomer classrooms by providing professional development focusing on English language acquisition and literacy development as well as the social and emotional needs of learners who have little or no formal education. Additionally, we provide a space for the teachers to support each other’s shared experiences.

In the News

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Hours of Operation

The Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies is open during the following hours:

Spring 2019 Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Wednesdays 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Please email us at or call us at 210.458.2649 if you need assistance.


About Us

Message from the Director

Welcome to the next chapter of La Plaza de Lectura and the San Antonio Writing Project. With the opening of UTSA's newest research center, the Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies (CITL), we are bridging two strong literacy programs. In doing so, we are expanding our outreach and centering our work on research. 

We are excited about the affordances CITL offers young people, teachers, and community services. 

We encourage you to peruse this site, see what we do and what we have to offer. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 



Professor, Literacy Education 

Director, Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies 

Director, San Antonio Writing Project 

Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching 

College of Education and Human Development 

The University of Texas at San Antonio 

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies (CITL) is to promote more humanizing approaches to literacy, literacy development, literacy research, and literacy instruction to improve literacy achievement and the human condition. 

Objectives of the CITL

The Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies is committed to, 



iWrite Marathons

iWrite Marathons


Join the San Antonio Writing Project in March for a morning of walking and writing with friends while enjoying the sites along the San Antonio Riverwalk Museum Reach from SAMA to the Pearl. Meet back at the start to share what you've written.


Roadrunner Readers Tutoring Program 

Since its founding in 1999, The Reading Place/La Plaza de Lectura has provided tutoring assistance in reading and writing to more than 1,500 children in the San Antonio area. Each semester, students from UTSA's College of Education tutor over 100 children, our Roadrunner Readers, during weekly one-on-one sessions to help improve literacy skills. Tutoring takes place at the Downtown Campus for approximately one hour in the evening and are open to children in first through sixth grade. The cost is $50.00 per child per semester and includes a parking pass. 

As part of their education program, UTSA students identify each child's reading strengths and areas for improvement and create an individual tutoring plan based on the child's needs. This plan is used to develop specialized reading instruction each week. At the end of the semester, children celebrate their reading successes in a presentation for their families and tutors share the children's progress with the parents. 

We hope to have the opportunity to help your child become an excellent reader and writer's Roadrunner Reader! For information about upcoming sessions, applications, attendance policy and more, please see below. 

Upcoming sessions 

Visit the La Plaza website for information on our current tutoring sessions:


Click HERE for the Fall 2018 tutoring applications.

Attendance Policy 

Good attendance is mandatory to remain in this program. This program is part of our of our UTSA students' coursework so they must complete these tutoring hours in order to fulfill their course requirements. Your child will be allowed 2 absences per semester. If your child is unable to attend or will be late for a session, please notify The Reading Place/La Plaza de Lectura by calling 210.458.2649 and leave a message if you receive the automated message. Please arrive promptly when dropping off and picking up your child and sign your name on the "Sign Out" sheet kept by your child's tutor.




Tuition paid on the first night of class.


Chili Queen Historical Fiction Camp for Adolescent Girls

Chili Queen Historical Fiction Camp for Adolescent Girls

In partnership with the Good Sam Ministries, this year long project began with a study of the writing process using Marian Martinello's Chili Queen, and continues through the year with monthly studies of historical novels and visits to historical sites. The participants will finish the project by writing a historical fiction of their own.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp 

During the summer, we offer camps that allow children to build their reading and writing experiences in a "camp" setting surrounded by reading materials and opportunities to explore literacy. Children will learn to develop their written and verbal communication skills through tutoring sessions, inquiry, conversations, and presentations. 

Camp dates and price coming soon!

We hope your child will join us!


Mornings only: $140.00
Afternoons only: $140.00
All Day: $265.00


To pay for literacy camps, to go our PayPal account and type in the amount. PayPal is a secure service. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can get one for free. 
Paypal Account:



Summer Young Writer’s Camp

Summer Young Writer's Camp


Young Writer's Camp is a place where emerging and fluent writers can practice and refine their writing skills, share with others, and grow as artisans and thinkers. Each day, students will investigate the art of writing, apply the craft to their own writing, and celebrate what they have done with fellow campers. 

This summer camp is held June 11-15 OR June 18-22 at the UTSA downtown campus, allowing students to experience a college campus environment. Camps are full day and welcome writers ages 9-18 (rising 4th -12th grade). 


For more information, email




The Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies through the Lee Hurtado Memorial Fund is offering one (1) scholarship to a Young Writer's Camp attendee to cover the cost of camp attendance. To apply, please first register for the Young Writer's Camp, then complete the scholarship application. For questions or more information, please contact

Download Scholarship Application


To pay for literacy camps, to go our PayPal account and type in the amount. PayPal is a secure service. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can get one for free. 
Paypal Account:



Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops 

A parent is a child's first reading and writing teacher and plays a key role in developing literacy skills. Even everyday simple activities such as reading grocery lists and sharing stories about your day can increase a child's confidence with language and communication skills. We offer workshops to assist parents in discovering practical, meaningful ways to expand children's reading and writing experiences.

Contact the Center

The newly formed Center for Inquiry of Transformative Literacies (Transformative Literacies Center) can be reached at:


Center for Inquiry of Transformative Literacies (COEHD)
ATTN: Dr. Misty Sailors, Director
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249


Dr. Misty Sailors, Director
Phone: +1 (1) 210 458 7288

Welcome to the Center for Inquiry of Transformative Literacies


Improving literacy since 1999! 

These very professional educators have a wonderful manner of teaching young students in this extremely worthy program. 

The UTSA staff and tutors have sparked Nina's hunger for learning and created a real interest in reading and sharing her stories. 

Noeh attended the second tutoring session and we have read a massive number of books this summer. He is reading so well and is more excited about reading than ever before; largely due to the UTSA tutoring.

Services we offer

Professional Development Workshops: Through our research and work with schools across the City, region, and around the world, we have developed professional development workshops for teachers, intended to support them in improving their instruction. Our own research informs the work we do with teachers and campus literacy leaders in these workshops and is grounded in support for the State standards. You can select from the wide variety of workshops we offer or request one unique to meet your campus needs. Our Summer Invitational Workshops and Open Institutions are some of the most celebrated professional development opportunities in the City! Let us serve the needs of your writing teachers!


Outreach Services: Tutoring Services at La Plaza de Lectura: We offer tutoring services for students, meeting their instructional needs in a safe and supportive environment. Summer Literacy Camps: We offer opportunities in the summer for young readers and writers to explore language and literacy experiences with each other and highly qualified literacy teachers.

Research Partnerships: Our research partnerships with local school districts are grounded in a shared vision to improve literacy instruction. As a result, we engage in "design research" partnerships; our partnerships are "place-based" and focused on informing both practice and research. Our studies are co-designed and collaborative at every step in the process.

School-Level Support: Classroom-Based Coaching Support; Recent research has indicated that professional development workshops by themselves may not be enough for teachers to change their practices. Teachers need classroom based literacy coaches to help them implement their new knowledge and practices. If your school/campus does not have literacy leaders to support your teachers, talk to us about UTSA literacy coaches and the work we can do to support your teachers in their classrooms as they learn to improve their practices. Our coaches are highly qualified literacy specialists (Reading Specialists and Teacher Consultants with the San Antonio Writing Project) who have years of experience leading literacy reform efforts.

Connect with us