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Sat, August 08, 2020
Zaid Haddad

Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies & Curriculum and Instruction
Office of the Dean



Greetings! I’m Zaid M. Haddad, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies & Curriculum and Instruction and a member of the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching. 

As a teacher educator and social justice advocate, my research interests in understanding the ways we negotiate our many intersecting identities as we encounter new and changing contexts. Prior to joining the faculty at UTSA, I was a visiting faculty member and doctoral student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Before pursuing my Ph.D., I taught high school social studies and was a student council advisor for five years.

At UTSA, I maintain an ambitious research agenda and provide service within my fields of study at the local and national levels. I teach courses at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level.

Undergraduate Courses I teach include: 

·  IDS3713 Interdisciplinary Inquiry 

·  C&I4203 Social Studies Approaches in Secondary Schools

·  C&I 4303 Approaches to Social Studies Instruction EC-6 integrating ELA/FA

·  C&I 4543 Approaches to Social Studies Instruction Grades 4-8

·  C&I 4553 Service Learning in Social Studies Grades 4-8

Graduate Courses I teach include:

·  C&I 5013 Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

·  C&I 6693 History, Policy, and Critical Issues in Social Studies Education

·  C&I 7123 Critical Perspectives in Curriculum & Instruction 

A passion of mine, and part of why I came to San Antonio, is to be an academic and advocate for the equitable treatment and public affirmation of those who are LGBTQ. Additionally, I am someone who holds the ideals of social justice and multicultural education in the highest regard and I am solid in my belief in the power of public PK-12 education. I see the public school as the one and only place in society where we can repay the debts our society owes those that were, are and may still be oppressed, marginalized, and disenfranchised. Recently I joined the Board of Directors for Pride Center San Antonio, a new organization and community center servicing the LGBTQ Community of San Antonio and South Texas. 

I am an avid consumer of pop culture, pop music and all things Internet. My Apple Music playlists this year have been dominated by the one and only Madonna, a position formerly held by the Queen Bey her self Beyonce. I have two dogs—Ringo Haddad and Harry Flopper Haddad—they have their own fan pages on Facebook. I may be new to San Antonio, but one thing is certain, UTSA is home.

If you’re ready to strive for an inclusive and just world, please join me. Let's get to work…