Trained as a school psychologist with a national certification (NCSP) and a state licensed specialty in school psychology (LSSP), my research, teaching, and service assume a strength-based approach.  My career is identifiable through integrated theory as applied research to facilitate student success. Over my 27 year tenure at UTSA, I have facilitated in the development of many system and and student services offered across the university. My contributions are found in evidence-based practices within the administration, student affairs, and business affairs areas. My research is focused on problem solving. I developed the LIBRE Model and engagement styles as that assessed clinical product observable within the participants’ problem solving expressions. I believe that as educators (teachers, researchers, school psychologists, and administrators) we must be attentive to self-regulated engagement first. Our willingness to explore self (personal-awareness in response to student needs) is critical to the development of additional skills and extended services to and for others. Professional development expertise can be best managed with elements of self-regulated engagement. For example, teachers are students’ first; the model of persistence is developed as a component of their college-going behavior, cultural facilitated change and professional academic growth. Thus for teachers, the greater their self-awareness, the better they will be at assisting their students toward increased problem solving, critical thinking, and engagement style adjustment.  To facilitate my research, I acquired my license as a professional counselor supervisor (LPC-S). I believe student success is a social cognitive exchange and my professional goal remains to prepare future leaders, and assist with their school experience by identifying their strengths, and encouraging their self-awareness through leveraged exploration of experiences that will contribute to their ultimate professional gains. To this end, my most recent work involves working with a university-wide student success initiative to encourage students to persist and graduate from the university within a four year period. I believe we are preparing tomorrow’s national leaders today.