Misty Sailors

Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching



Dr. Misty Sailors obtained her Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction with a focus on language and literacy studies at The University of Texas at Austin. She is a professor of literacy education in the department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching and is a reading researcher, reading specialist, and program developer. Dr. Sailors’ scholarly pursuits have contributed to the body of knowledge in the field of literacy education, specifically (a) literacy tools found in classrooms; (b) the professional development of reading teachers and literacy coaches with a particular focus on comprehension instruction; (c) reading program development (Tier I and Tier II); and (d) reading research methodologies. Her work has appeared in journals such as Reading Research Quarterly, Journal of Teaching and Teacher Education, Journal of Literacy Research, and The Reading Teacher.

Sailors’ work focuses on the metacognitive reading strategies used during active comprehension and the types of texts in classrooms that support metacognitive development in young children. Dr. Sailors has more than 50 publications, 30 technical reports, and 100 paper presentations. The International Literacy Association (ILA) recently appointed Sailors to the Literacy Research Panel. She is also a member of the ILA’s Standard Revision Committee (Standards for Literacy Professionals 2017).

Sailors was the primary investigator for several large, federally funded research projects, all of which were multi-site, field-based studies, including one research project that spanned three countries.

Sailors actively works with reading teachers and literacy coaches as a consultant (in the USA); most recently, Sailors was awarded a contract by the Somerset ISD to assist them in revising their district wide reading program and serving as a coach to the district instructional coaches.

Sailors conducted research in classrooms with teachers, literacy coaches, and literacy specialists in Chile, Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa. In addition, Sailors served as a voluntary research consultant with the Children’s Book Project in Tanzania and Room to Read in Bangladesh. Sailors teaches undergraduate and graduate reading education and doctoral research courses at UTSA.

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