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Sat, August 08, 2020
Dr.  Lucila Ek

Bicultural-Bilingual Studies



Lucila del Carmen Ek was born in Yucatan, Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of four. She received her PhD in Urban Schooling from the University of California Los Angeles. Her research focuses on the intersections of language, literacy, and identity in Chican@/Latin@  immigrant communities. Language and literacy are productive lenses and important sites of inquiry because they tap into essential processes not only of growth, learning, and development but also of becoming, of constructing identities. Dr. Ek examines these processes within and across educational settings, both formal and informal, including schools, homes, and churches with the intent of bridging these spaces.  Dr. Ek’s research also explores the heterogeneity of the Latino/a community using a linguistic lens that examines the varieties of Spanish and English spoken by Chicano/Latino communities which differ by nationality, generation, and geographical location.

Dr. Ek's concern for issues of equity and access in education has its roots in her own formal schooling experiences.  She attended public schools from k-12th grades in Los Angeles and quickly realized that many of her fellow working-class immigrant Latino/a peers were left behind. Thus, when she began her teaching career eighteen years ago, she chose to teach in a bicultural-bilingual program at the very same elementary school she had attended from k-6th grades. Dr. Ek views education as a political endeavor that allows researchers, scholars, and teachers to work collaboratively with communities to meet the goal of providing a quality education to all students, particularly poor students and students of color who have traditionally been underserved by the educational system.