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Sat, August 08, 2020
Dr.  Jorge Solís

Associate Professor
Office of the Dean



Dr. Jorge L. Solis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He holds a PhD in Language, Literacy, and Culture from the University of California, Berkeley and an A.B. in Public Policy from Stanford University.

His research interests include the development of academic literacy practices with second-language learners, preparing novice bilingual teachers, tensions and adaptations of classroom learning activity, and understanding the academic transitions of older, school-age language minority students.  

He is currently Co-Principal Investigator of a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education promoting mathematics and language development in bilingual and dual language K-5 classrooms titled Mathematics And Language, Literacy Integration (MALLI). In addition, he’s a Co-Principal Investigator of an interdisciplinary project and study aimed at improving the success of undergraduate students in Hispanic Service Institutions (HSIs) funded by the National Science Foundation titled Transforming STEM Undergraduate Education through Academic Literacy, Mentoring and Professional Development. He's also co-leading the LA-STEM sub-team focused on examining and supporting language and literacy resources in STEM undergraduate learning environments.

He recently completed a two related projects developing effective ways to integrate science-language pedagogy with elementary and secondary school preservice teachers working with English learners and bilingual students. He was Co-Principal Investigator of Secondary Science Teaching for English Language and Literacy (SSTELLA). SSTELLA was a National Science Foundation DRK-12 longitudinal study examining the impact of the integration of second-language teaching pedagogy with novice secondary school science teachers working with English Language Learners. See link here for the co-authored book on SSTELLA:


As a former National Science Foundation CADRE Fellow, his research has been funded by Spencer Foundation and Center for Latino Policy Research. He has presented his work at the American Educational Research Association, American Anthropological Association, National Association for Research on Science Teaching, and National Association for Bilingual Education.

Recently he joined as facilitator of "NSF 2016 Advancing STEM Learning for All: Sharing cutting edge work and community discourse" May 17-23, 2016. Go here for link http://stemforall2016.videohall.com/


Jorge Solí­s has taught education courses to undergraduates, elementary and secondary teacher credential students, and doctoral students on issues of bilingualism, classroom discourse, disciplinary literacy and second language literacy, and English-language development.

Previous or current courses he teaches at UTSA:

BBL 7223: Seminar in Biliteracy & Second Language Literacy

BBL 7123: Sociocultural Contexts of Literacy. UTSA, Doctoral course.

BBL 6063:Research Methods in Bilingual & Second Language Studies.

BBL 5033: Bilingual Content Instruction. 

BBL 4353. Approaching to Teaching Science EC-6. UTSA, Undergraduate bilingual teacher certification course.

BBL.3053: Foundations of Bilingual Studies. Undergraduate bilingual teacher certification course.

Twitter: @JorgeLSolis, https://twitter.com/search?q=@JorgeLSolis&src=typd&lang=en

Website: http://utsa.academia.edu/JorgeSolis