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Thu, May 28, 2020
Howard Smith

Bicultural-Bilingual Studies



Howard L. Smith, Associate Professor in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, holds a Ph.D. in Bilingual-Multicultural Education from the University of Arizona. He received a B.A. in Spanish Literature from Temple University.  At UTSA, Dr. Smith teaches core courses in theoretical foundations of bilingual education, biliteracy development, bilingual content instruction, and multicultural education; he also teaches MA and doctoral courses on similar topics. Several of his courses are taught in Spanish.
Dr. Smith's research focus is on literacy development in bilingual-multicultural contexts. His publications include numerous book chapters and articles in such journals as:  International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, Language Arts, and Bilingual Research Journal. He has given numerous teacher training workshops for school districts throughout Texas, Arizona, and the Midwest as well as scholarly presentations in the United States, Mexico, Spain, and Nicaragua.
Dr. Smith was awarded a Faculty Development Fellowship at the University of Arizona. He received a Title VII Bilingual Education Fellowship from the United States Department of Education and the Marshall Foundation Doctoral Research Fellowship.  He is a member of the International Reading Association, American Educational Research Association, and the National Association for Bilingual Education.  He has served as co-chairman of the program committee for the Annual Conference of the Texas Association for Bilingual Education, and the program chair for the Annual Conference of the San Antonio Area Association for Bilingual Education. Dr. Smith is also a consultant for several school districts across Texas on their dual-language initiatives.