Felecia Briscoe

Associate Professor Emeritus
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies



Felecia M. Briscoe began her educational career in Las Vegas Nevada.  She earned a BS in K-8 education at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada and taught middle school science there for 4 years.  She also earned a M.A. in psychology.  Subsequently she earned a doctorate in the social foundations of education with an emphasis in philosophy at the University of Cincinnati.  Her first position was at Concord College in West Virginia.  She joined UTSA in 2000. Some of her most recent journal publications include:  “‘The Biggest Problem’:  School Leaders’ Discursive Construction of Deficit Latino ELL Identities in a Neoliberal Context (2013);  ”‘That racism thing:’ A critical discourse analysis of a conflict over the proposed closure of a Black high school” (2013); and “Anarchist, neoliberal, & democratic decision-making: Deepening the joy in learning and teaching.”  She has published one book, The Power of Talk:  How words change our life, which was co-authored with Drs. Arriaza and Henze.  Dr. Briscoe has just completed her second one,  Becoming Critical in Diverse Social Spaces: Rage, Love & Transcendence in the Emergence of Social Justice, which is co-edited by Dr. Khalifa.