Sharon Nichols

Sharon Nichols


Educational Psychology

Office: DB 4.342

Telephone: 210-458-2035



Sharon L. Nichols is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her research interests include high-stakes testing and its impact on teacher development and practice as well as student learning, motivation, and development. She is coauthor of two books including America’s teenagers—myths and realities: Media images, schooling and the social costs of careless indifference (with T. L. Good, Erlbaum, 2004) and Collateral damage: How high-stakes testing corrupts America’s schools  (with D. C. Berliner, Harvard Education Press, 2007). Her current work focuses on the impact of accountability of preservice and in-service teachers and on student motivational development.


My research focuses on how eduational policy shapes and directs teachers' and students' attitudes, dispositions and behaviors in classroom settings. My work brings a concern for the student perspective and the experiences of students from diverse backgrounds to try to understand the ways in which educational policy impacts their development and motivation at both the school and classroom levels.

I am interested in understanding more about students through my work on student belonging while at the same time interested in teachers and how policy shapes their instructional decision making.

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