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Department of Educational Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Educational Psychology!


Yolanda Diaz is a graduating senior in the University of Texas at San Antonio's College of Education and Human Development.

Our mission is to promote professional development and the application of scientific knowledge concerning:

  • the psychological and social processes of learning and human development;
  • the design, organization and delivery of effective instruction; and
  • the factors affecting the mental health of learners of all ages.

As faculty members, we are committed to providing:

  • High quality, innovative research and scholarship to facilitate the understanding of human development and mental health of life-long learners and to understand the nature of instructional contexts and organizations;
  • Effective and culturally inclusive instructional technologies to prepare practitioners and researchers to use tools, resources, and strategies necessary to improve the educational experience of all learners;
  • Quality instruction to prospective educators, mental health professionals, policy makers and future researchers from other disciplines in how to conduct, interpret, and apply scientifically-based research on learning, development, mental and academic health and instruction.

Our goals are to: 

  • Prepare culturally competent scientist-practitioners and researchers to effectively contribute to the applied psychological development and well-being of children and adolescents;
  • Provide responsive educational and psychological services to the local community, schools, and beyond;
  • Engage in participatory and leadership roles in local, national, and international institutions and organizations;
  • Collaborate and provide policy leadership and charting of new directions for the University, the profession, and the community in broad areas of educational, developmental and organizational operations.

The Department of Educational Psychology is home of a Master’s Degree in School Psychology and a certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). We are also proud of our supportive coursework offered to other Departments and Degrees.

Our students and graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in scholarly inquiry, to deliver accountable, research-based services and to understand how to use psychology as a force for positive change.

We, the Educational Psychology faculty members invite you to consider our Master’s Degree in School Psychology, or ABA Certificate.   For additional information please contact us at 210-458-2650.


Dr. Norma Guerra
Department Chair