logo 2019 National Latino Children's Literature Conference

National Latino Children’s Literature Conference

Authors,  Illustrators, and Scholars!

Showcasing works that embody Latino-culture and art, The 2019 National Latino Children'€™s Literature Conference promotes literacy and reading in Latino Children and recognizes the literary work and the creative talents behind their production. 

Librarians, Educators, Researchers, and Students! 

The conference will also serve as a forum for the discussion of the influencing factors that shape Latino Children's Literacy and help create the framework for preparing for the future needs of these children and their families.

Join Us! Registration is OPEN!

This year's conference will be held February 28 thru March 2, 2019, at the University of Texas at San Antonio's Downtown Campus in San Antonio, TX.

      We Look Forward to Seeing You!

-  Howard Smith - Conference Chair


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Save the date by using the links below to add us tor your calendar!


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