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Thu, May 28, 2020

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Policy for Outbound Clinical Teaching

Individuals who wish to complete their clinical teaching semester outside of the San Antonio area must submit their request in writing via the Petition for Outbound Clinical Teaching. The Petition may be obtained from the Director of Clinical Teaching. The expectation is that students enrolled in the UTSA Teacher Certification Program will complete clinical teaching in the San Antonio area; therefore, reasons for clinical teaching in other parts of the state must be strongly extenuating.  The petition, including information about extenuating circumstances, will be reviewed and decided by a College Committee. The Committee's decision is final. 

Per 19 Texas Administrative Code rule 228, a university field supervisor must be hired by the Educator Preparation Program to supervise a clinical teacher. Thus, local field supervisors will be employed by UTSA to supervise clinical teachers who must leave the San Antonio area to complete clinical teaching in other parts of the state. Depending on availability and quality of local field supervision, a candidate's request for outbound clinical teaching may be denied. 

For further information, contact the Director of Clinical Teaching, Janet Scott, janet.scott@utsa.edu.

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