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Thu, May 28, 2020

Financial Aid

Office of Financial Aide Clinical Teaching Information

The State of Texas Says:

  • UTSA may only allow 6 hours of credit for clinical teaching
  • 6 hours = Half-time status

FAFSA Requirements

  • Enrollment on the FAFSA must be at half-time status
  • If the FAFSA was submitted with a different enrollment status, come by Enrollment Services to fill out an Enrollment Change Form
  • FAFSA is available at http://fafsa.gov/
  • The Enrollment Change form is located under the Forms section on the Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services website


  • Half-time enrollment will result in the loss of the Texas Excellence Grant Students are required to be enrolled in 12 hours and 9 hours, respectively, to continue receiving these two grants
  • Other Grants will be pro-rated and pay out at half the total amount


  • Loans must be pro-rated at 25% of the yearly award
  • 6 hours ÷ 24 hours = 25% (24 hours = Full-time Academic Load based on annual Cost of Attendance)
  • Stafford loans are only prorated during the Fall term and they are prorated based on 24 hours
  • For more information on Stafford loans, click here.

Financial Aid - Clinical Teaching Educational Loan Forgiveness Program

The Clinical Teacher Educational Loan Forgiveness Program was established to help clinical teachers with expenses during the extremely important semester of clinical teaching. All clinical teachers are eligible to apply. Priority will be based on financial need and critical shortage field status. Critical shortage fields are deemed by the state to be Math, Science, Special Education, Languages other than English, and ESL/Bilingual Education.

A completed application must be received in the Clinical Teaching Office, MB 3.310, by the appropriate deadline.

For further information, check the attached links:
Letter to Accompany Loan Information  
Education Loan Forgiveness Program Information
UTSA Education Loan Forgiveness Program Application 
UTSA Education Loan Forgiveness Program Fact Sheet  
Exit Instructions to our Loan Program


  • Most donors are understanding about half-time status
  • Letter from Academic Advisor detailing clinical teaching requirements
  • Letters are turned into the awarding source: (General Scholarships Office of Student Financial Aid; College or Department; Outside Donors)
  • Donors may pay out in full or pro-rate the award

Loss of Income

  • If you decide not to work while clinical teaching, fill out the Loss of Income Form
  • Financial Aid will compare income from last year with current year
  • Loss of Income Forms available
  • Loss of Income Forms are located under the Forms section on the Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services website

Education Loan Forgiveness Program

  • Read the Education Loan Forgiveness Program fact sheet distributed by the Office of Clinical Teaching
  • Submit application ASAP to: Janet Scott, Main Building 3.310, 458-5420                 

Contact Information:

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Office of Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249
(210) 458-8000