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Tue, October 22, 2019

The Center for Research and Policy in Education

The Center for Research and Policy in Education welcomes you!

The Center for Research and Policy in Education welcomes you!

About the Center


The mission of the Center is to generate quantitative and qualitative empirical investigations that lead to the identification of factors and processes underlying student adjustment, academic performance, retention and, ultimately, educational success. The CRPE is aimed at informing practice and policy for educational institutions throughout the educational pipeline that seek to improve student success.

The CRPE aligns with UTSA's vision to move into the ranks of premier research universities in the nation. Further, this Center provides the vehicle in which faculty in the College of Education and Human Development (COEHD) can engage in thematic research within a single administrative structure that provides the space, resources and support to carry out a formal research program. The goal is for faculty to view this Center as the intellectual space in which to engage in collaborative research that seeks to expand human potential especially in educational settings throughout the P-20 system.

a) A focus on research that expands human potential. A key research cluster for UTSA is the focus on Social and Educational Transformation. The field of education creates multiple and extensive opportunities to expand human and social development through P-20 education reform that results in: 1) high-performing schools where all students can succeed and 2) high-quality institutions of higher education that graduate the next generation of leaders in American society. This Center was designed to be UTSA's premier research and policy center focusing on expanding human potential, and is involved in empirical studies that advance knowledge about human learning, school and college transformation, P-20 systemic change, college access and completion, as well as family and community involvement in education and human well-being.

b) An interdisciplinary approach to inquiry. In conducting cutting-edge educational research, all efforts are made to approach studies using methods and insights from several established disciplines/fields of study. For example, a study focusing on improving student success in STEM fields might involve collaboration with the UTSA College of Engineering and/or College of Sciences, and use research tools and theoretical frameworks from fields such as anthropology, psychology and sociology.

c) A collaborative approach that involves research partners at the local, state, national and international level. The study of human problems in the field of education requires establishing partnerships with entities that can benefit from the research findings. Partners for this Center include UTSA programs such as the Tomas Rivera Center for Student Success, the Honors College, Learning Communities, the Institute for P-20 Initiatives, TRIO, etc. Local and regional partnerships have been established with San Antonio school districts, community colleges and the San Antonio Education Partnership, among others.

d) An emphasis on conducting research that can help shape practice and policy. The Center disseminates policy briefs, research studies, tool kits, audiovisual materials and research reports that highlight research findings with an eye toward employing those findings to improve practice and policy. For example, the Center has issued press releases on study findings, hosted brown bags and colloquia, as well as disseminated research at top-tier conferences and with entities such as the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  Center services include research and evaluation studies, workshops and short courses/seminars.