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Bienvenido! to the Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies! Our faculty and students study, design, and participate in bilingual and/or second-language teaching, Mexican-American studies, multicultural functions of society, migration, transnationalism, and ethnic studies. Our graduate and undergraduate programs are interdisciplinary in nature, content, approach, and range. The Bicultural-Bilingual faculty engages students with the cultural and linguistic resources of multicultural communities. We are committed to the educational needs of traditionally underserved populations. The department's faculty is diverse and internationally recognized. Our 16 members publish in leading journals and books, with renowned academic publishers across a range of disciplines. Students gain a variety of perspectives, as professors share expertise in education, anthropology, applied linguistics, cultural studies, policy, and sociology. The presence of our faculty on a number of major research journals in various disciplines, in addition to being an indication of their stature as recognized scholars in their respective fields, also serves as a testament to the quality of faculty in all of our disciplines in the department. Bicultural-Bilingual Studies was one of the founding academic units when the University of Texas at San Antonio first opened its doors in 1973. Three decades later, our department is a leader in preparing researchers, educators, and community leaders. Students participate critically in the creation of a more just and democratic society, at schools, research institutions, universities, or non-profit organizations. 

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