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Sat, August 15, 2020

About the COEHD

   We provide an infinite number of possibilities - the choice is yours!

We Are UTSA!  As the University continues to strive toward achieving Tier One status, the College of Education and Human Development has focused on providing first-rate educational opportunities and fostering groundbreaking educational research in order to meet that goal producing new educators with skills necessary to meet today's challenges, and providing the framework of imaginative flexibility for solving the challenges of the future.

Enriching Educational Experiences

COEHD consists of Seven departments, including:

COEHD also houses 9 centers, including:

Creating New Knowledge -- Research

With over $30 million in funding for Tier One research already established, we continue to develop creative, flexible and innovative approaches to address the educational needs of the future.  Our ground-breaking research offers students and faculty and opportunity to explore new horizons and ideas while providing support to our community and our society.

Students and faculty in the Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Nutrition are directly identifying and addressing the wellness needs of the region through the Mobile Health Lab.  This 38-foot lab on wheels is equipped with state of the art equipment to perform body composition analysis, anthropomethry, fitness assessment, hemodynamic monitoring, blood chemistry and other nutritional and health data.  In addition, the Mobile Health Laboratory can also be used to conduct literacy education programs, computer education classes, mental health screenings, and community outreach by faculty members from other departments at UTSA.

Vaporized nicotine cigarettes have become more than just an aid to stop smoking.  As the popularity of vaporized nicotine progresses from a fad and into student culture, COEHD researches the effects of vaporized nicotine on metabolic, cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular responses in humans.  Members of the Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Nutrition are taking a serious look at how vaporized nicotine may stimulate the human nervous system in ways that could seriously impact daily living. 

Serving the Public Through Community Engagement

The COEHD is one of the leading provider of educators in the San Antonio area and is ranked 3 rd in the United States for producing Hispanic educators.  This distinction is no accident.  The college actively seeks ways to further our field of influence locally, nationally and across international borders.  

Since its founding in 1999,  Plaza de Lectura - the Reading Place  (DT Campus) has offered low-cost assistance in reading and writing to more than 1,500 San Antonio area children who would normally not be able to afford tutoring.  Each semester approximately 100 children, or "Roadrunner Readers" as we prefer to call them, meet one-on-one with their tutor and receive evaluation and tutoring in reading and writing (Approximately 10 weeks).  The Plaza offers a variety of programs including those designed to help children needing extra support in reading and writing and young children who would benefit from enrichment literacy activities.

Located on UTSA's Downtown Campus, the  Sarabia Family Counseling Center (SFCC)  (DT Campus) was created with the primary purpose of serving San Antonio's urban downtown area and its surrounding communities by providing free counseling and psycho-educational services to the community through university-sponsored clinics and community partnerships (Juvenile Justice partnership, AVANCE Partnership, Juror Counseling Program, Harlandale ISD Partnership).  These services directly benefit at-risk youth, their families and out community.