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COEHD  Degree Information Sheet

B.A. in Women’s Studies

Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality Studies  |   Undergraduate Degree

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Purpose of Program

The major in Women's Studies provides students with the opportunity to examine the social, historical, political, and cultural experiences of women and men from an interdisciplinary perspective. Emphasis on cross-disciplinary research methods enables students to pursue a theoretically-informed understanding of women and issues of gender and sexuality in diverse U.S. and global cultures and across time. 

Program Options

Core Curriculum Requirements (42 semester credit hours)

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts degree in Women's Studies must fulfill University Core Curriculum requirements in the same manner as other students. If courses are taken to satisfy both degree and Core Curriculum requirements, then students may need to take additional courses in order to meet the minimum number of semester credit hours required for this degree. The minimum number of semester credit hours required for this degree, including the Core Curriculum requirements, is 120. Thirty-nine of the total semester credit hours required for the degree must be at the upper-division level. All candidates seeking this degree must fulfill the Core Curriculum requirements and the degree requirements, which are listed in the UTSA Undergraduate Catalog.

Degree Requirements

A. Major courses

1. Required courses

WS 2013  Introduction to Women's Studies

WS 3613  Feminist Research Methodologies

WS 4623  Feminist Theories

WS 4933  Internship in Women's Studies

WS 4973  Seminar in Women's Studies

2. Select 1 course from the Globalization and Borderlands group below

3. Select 1 course from the Culture and Society group below

B. Groups

Select eight courses from at least two of the following groups

Theory and Methods

ENG 4393  Feminist Theory of Literature

WS 3953  Special Topics in Women Writers

WS 4953  Special Topics in Women's Studies

Globalization and Borderlands

BBL 2023  Latino Cultural Expressions

GES 3653  Gender and Cities: An Introduction to Feminist Geography

WS 4863  Feminism and Globalization

Culture and Society

AMS 3443  Studies in Gender and Sexuality

ANT 3603  Sex, Gender, and Culture

BBL 3023  Mexican American Culture

BBL 3043  Social Psychological Considerations in Mexican American Communities

BIO 2003  Biology of Human Reproduction

CRJ 4463  Gender and Crime

ENG 3133  Women and Literature

HIS 3043  History of Women in the United States: Pre-Columbus to 1890

HIS 3053  History of Women in the United States: Since 1890

HIS 3963  Women and Gender in India

HTH 3023  Survey of Human Sexuality

IDS 2113  Society and Social Issues

MAS 2013  Introduction to Chicano(a) Studies

POL 3183  Women in Politics

PSY 3303  Psychological Perspectives on Gender

PSY 4193  Relationships

SOC 3163  Families in Society

SOC 3263  Latinas in U.S. Society

SOC 3283  Poverty

SOC 3293  Sociology of Gender

SOC 3413  Sociology of the Mexican American Community

WS 2023  Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

WS 4913  Independent Study

WS 4993  Honors Thesis

C. Electives

Select 33 semester credit hours of free electives, some of which may need be upper-division, depending on the student’s course selections in Section B. Students are advised to consult with their Major Advisor to verify that they will meet the 39 upper-division hours required for the B.A. degree in Women's Studies.

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Admission Requirements

All applicants must meet UTSA admission requirements and be in good standing with last institution attended (previous college experience). In addition, applicants must meet/fulfill the following departmental requirements or submissions:

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