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COEHD  Degree Information Sheet

M.A. in Education - Instructional Technology Concentration

Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching  |   Master's Degree

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Purpose of Program

As technology continues to integrate into every facet of people's daily lives, new avenues of instruction have opened that provide learners with immersive and media-rich learning experiences. The Instructional Technology (IST) program focuses on understanding, designing, and implementing learning environments supported by current and emergent technologies, in both formal and informal settings. The program involves the study of technology-mediated learning approaches, and employs both theory and practice for learning and teaching with technology. Throughout the program students can expect to explore topics such as robotics, virtual worlds, e-learning, and multimedia design.

Program Options

This program is 33 (with thesis) or 36 (non-thesis) semester credit hours. Courses required for this degree include:

9 hours of core courses:

  • ILT 5003   Principles of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • C&I 5003   Theory of Curriculum and Instruction
  • EDU 5003   Research Methods

12 hours of IST program emphasis courses:

  • IST5003   Foundations of Instructional Technology
  • IST5313   Development of Instructional Technology
  • IST 5343   Instructional Design Theory
  • IST 5703   Technology and Learning Cultures

15 hours of support courses:

At least 12 of the 15 hours of support coursework must come from IST courses. Students will work with their advisor to determine support courses that meet the degree requirements and students' professional goals. 

Career Opportunities

The IST program prepares graduates for a variety of jobs (some may require entry-level skills in adult and higher education or management of technology). K-12 education opportunities include campus or district technology trainer, master technology trainer, master technology classroom teacher. Industry and corporate positions include instructional designer, course designer, instructional technologies, corporate trainer, software consultant, training specialist, resource instructor, assistive technology coordinator, and system analyst.

Job Outlook/Earnings

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Admission Requirements

All applicants must meet UTSA Graduate School admission requirements and be in good standing with last institution attended. In addition, applicants must meet/fulfill the following departmental requirements or submissions:

  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited university with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in last 60 hours coursework 
  • Be in good standing with the last institution attended
  • Completion of 18 undergraduate credit hours in education of related field (including 12 upper-division level hours)**

**Applicants without adequate preparation courses in education may be required to complete preparatory courses as a condition of admission.   If assigned, these are required in addition to the minimum number of hours for the degree.

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For assistance with Admission Requirements, or for further information, contact the program's Student Development Specialist (Listed Under Contacts)


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